Adam LZ’s Global Search for Drifting Perfection

Famous YouTuber Snags Toyota AE86 for Drifting in Ireland

The Toyota Corolla’s AE86 series hit the asphalt in 1983 and remained in production for merely four years. To the untrained eye this 1.6-liter, rear-wheel drive car might appear to have made little to no mark on the automotive industry. But in reality it was immensely influential.

For over forty years, the AE86 series Toyotas have developed a devout cult following which has not stopped burgeoning. It has found fans among customization aficionados as well as rally racers, yet its place in drifting acculturation is what actually earned it an immortal notoriety.

Thus, when Adam LZ looked for a motor vehicle to traverse the globe with on his drifting journey, the AE86 was an evident option.

Bought an AE86 in Ireland - and it's Absolutely INSANE!

In Ireland, the AE86 has experienced extraordinary fame and appreciation. The tiny sports car is nicknamed ‘Twincam’ there and for decades it has been a go-to choice for local aficionados. This has yielded an influx of exquisitely tweaked Toyota Corolla AE86s across the nation.

It was practically inevitable for Adam LZ to seek out one of these classic Toyotas while he was in Ireland, and to take it back home after his travels have ended. He will be assigned at Mondello Race Track and chose then to become the center of attention by driving an eye-catching drift car that has both style and capability.

Adam called on the expertise of his buddy Dave from Drift Games to locate the perfect vehicular specimen, and shortly enough they stumbled upon a gleaming Levin. While the car began as an uneventful shade of gray, Adam couldn’t help but add some vibrancy to the aesthetic.

At present, the vehicle is situated at Drift Games Studios located in the Irish capital of Dublin. Consequently, it is improbable for Adam to be able to identify it in its current state due to all of the personalization it has received. The auto is entirely coated with wrap, and currently has an orange-black shading accompanied by vibrant decals. In fact, Dave states in his video that the car has been transformed from a mere eye-candy to one that also comprises tremendous power and performance.

They have gotten rid of the stock engine, swapping it out for a 1JZ producing 520 horsepower. Accompanying the new engine are a variety of modifications and an exhaust exiting through the front wing. Brand-new headlights and a frontal bar from Toyota have also been fitted. Weighing in at only approximately 2,200 lbs, this Toyota AE86 Corolla should make a great ride because of its power-to-weight ratio given all the hard work invested in it.

Adam Lz and Drift Games have a rich history spanning the past few years. Adam has been, and still is, an integral part of the drifting universe, showcasing his skills internationally at various competitions. Similarly, Drift Games have been providing accessories and equipment to assist speeding enthusiasts for years. Adam Lz and Drift Games boast a longer-term association, stretching back across multiple eras. Over this time period, Adam has continually demonstrated their aptitude in drifting on a planetary degree, engaging in various tournaments. Furthermore, Drift Games have supplied people interested in tearing up the tarmac with all the necessary gear.

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