Classic Defender Restomod: American-Built Jeep Perfection

Modern Land Rover Defender with Top US Parts

The renowned Legend Motor Company has completely reinvented the iconic Land Rover Defender, prioritizing modern performance, user-friendly operation, as well as a lavish driving experience. As the Vagabund Defender was, this one too retains its recognizable shape and 4×4 capability for off-roading. While the design remains the same, it features a much more patriotic influence.

Beginning with an idea belonging to Nick Panos, Sawyer Carpenter, and James Frauenberg, the handcrafted SUV set out to create a modernized adaptation of the classic British 4×4, containing only top-of-the-line American components. The Signature Series 001 stands as the first specimen issued from their Salt Lake City shop, introducing the Legends Motor Co. into the world of restomod motors. This impressive inaugural project gives us an indication of what is to be anticipated in the future.

Absent are the whimsical widebody kits, maintaining instead the distinct outline of a Land Rover Defender while capitalizing on modernized performance. Safeguards for rough terrain are upgraded with an aluminum-Kevlar exterior body, in affiliation with a contemporary Jeep JK frame. Today’s edition harnesses the noteworthy power of a GM LT1 6.2-liter E-Rod engine, churning out a proficient 460 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque.

In terms of its capabilities away from the road’s surface, the redefined SUV is outfitted with Fox 2.5 remote reservoir shocks that can be tailored to meet your demands. Additionally, it is appointed with a hardy Polyethylene fuel tank having a capacity of 22.5 gallons, so you can go for long rides without having to worry about running out of gas. Even better, a swing-out tire carrier with a fully-sized 37-inch spare accessories the model, enabling you to always have a backup plan if ever required. Furthermore, the story doesn’t stop there; the Signature Series upgrade provides a galvanized front bumper and trims which augment the look of the car, but it also adds extra sturdiness as well.

Thankfully, the well-known British car company is still manufacturing components for antique Defenders, thus helping in fulfilling every minute detail of the fabrication.

Despite its rugged exterior, the interior of the Signature Series 001 is a blend of luxury and comfort. The front captain’s chairs, the second row bench seat, and the rear cargo area jump seats are all covered with hand-sewn full-aniline open-grain leather. Restomod Air has also added a modern HVAC system, while stylish custom Legend Motor Co gauges, a Soundboks Bluetooth removable stereo system, and “German square” leather-bound removable floor mats have been included for added convenience and style.

Legend Motor Co is now accepting customizations for their Signature Series SUV. Owners will have the chance to collaborate with the shop in order to pick from a broad selection of choices for their vehicle’s features.

The cost commences at $250,000, with five colours on offer, and each structure will be constructed entirely by hand to guarantee that every detail is properly noted and kept for future generations.

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