Dennis Collins Becomes Seller Of His Holy Grail Pontiac GTO

Auctioning ’70 Corvette & Last Call Dodge

Lately, Dennis Collins has been quite the salesman. Not captivating forsaken classic autos in forgotten regions, he is putting on the block desirable vehicles such as a BMW M1 and a split-window Chevrolet Corvette.

His modern YouTube episode presents three muscle automobiles that he is putting up for sale at Barrett-Jackson’s debut auction in New Orleans.

This trio consists of the “holy grail” 1970 Pontiac GTO convertible, an exceptionally well-kept 1970 Chevy Corvette Convertible with prodigious V8 power, and, looking to the future, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Jailbreak. We’ve outlined the standout features of each vehicle ahead:

I'm Bringing Some American Muscle to the Barrett-Jackson New Orleans Auction!!

Fans of Dennis Collins may remember an episode which aired in September 2022 displaying an incredibly rare 1970 Pontiac GTO soft top. This automobile is now up for sale. Collins usually tends to exaggerate with his descriptions; however, in this particular instance, the title “holy grail” can be aptly applied.

This glossy Baja Gold GTO, with matching numbers, is equipped with a 400-cubic engine furnished with Ram Air III. According to the Pontiac Historical Society, only 174 were crafted such as this. Collins surmises that the factory air conditioning renders this car much more exclusive – it’s likelihood being one of merely 24 manufactured complete with these components. Hagerty values a 1970 Pontiac GTO convertible with the Ram Air III motor at an amount of $92,400 if in outstanding condition.

It is not simple to ignore the bright red coating on Collins’ 1970 Corvette Convertible, or not to think of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”. Still, this car has more than a great appearance. Collins is especially proud of the coordination among its fitting components – including a LS5 V8. Its 454 cubic inch product was initially endorsed for 390 hp.

A thorough choices roll boasts evocative leather interior, air cooling, adjustable helm and powered glass. Although no constrained figure, Hagerty notes that a 1970 Chevrolet Corvette with these articular attributes in perfect shape will yield a value of $79,300.

Collins bids farewell to a 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Jailbreak, which is part of the Last Call series from the carmaker. It is worth mentioning that despite its $92,645 retail price tag and the odometer reading 11 miles, Collins invested in it for a lucrative resell. It appears he will easily be able to unload this exclusive 807-hp animal – the last of its kind.

Dennis Collins noticed that auto collections tend to be passed on throughout generations, and he believes this is a pioneering activity. When Collins turned forty-two, he not only achieved a major career accomplishment but also made the decision to revive an important family tradition—purchasing a vintage & classic motorcar. Dennis Collins felt it was his calling to purchase a vehicle that would become a life-long memory of his maternal grandfather. Having seen the effects passing on a vehicle can have over generations, Dennis Collins decided to start a legacy of his own at 42 years old. Not only did he make a significant breakthrough in his occupation, he additionally opted to begin a traditional familial custom– purchasing a traditional and classic car. Intending to honor his mom’s dad, Collins felt it necessary to acquire a motorcar that would serve as a long-term keepsake.

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