Dennis Collins Solves The 380SL Riddle

Classic 80s Mercedes Convertible: 17,000 Miles

Retrieving classic cars is given an entirely new meaning in the latest Dennis Collins YouTube video. Rather than unearthing a run-down antique car enclosed in junk, Collins saves an practically perfect, single-owner 1980s Mercedes-Benz 380SL that had been parked untouched in a North Carolina garage.

Dennis denotes that he sometimes forgoes purchasing these kinds of vehicles as they tend to have widely seen mileage and wear and tear, yet this particular auto is an omission. To sum up, he dubs the 380SL the finest R107-series Mercedes he’s ever come upon. Despite being enraptured with it, Collins is likewise intrigued by its backdrop.

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At the beginning, Collins discovers the background of the car’s arrival to the United States. Steve, the vendor, explains that this Mercedes-Benz 380SL was initially acquired in Germany by an individual named Claus Henrikson. Henrikson had it custom-made from a brand-new Mercedes at the manufacturing plant in Stuttgart. Customers were able to operate it in Germany for a time and then have it transported to their homeland.

Conducting his usual extensive research prior to making a transaction, Collins determined that Henrikson never registered the car in America. It appears that up until his passing about ten years ago, he had been operating the vehicle with its original German permit plates on the outside – which might explain the low 17,000 miles on the odometer.

This Mercedes spent much of its lifespan stored in a garage, which explains its impressive condition. Dennis Collins is particularly astonished to find that the vehicle’s original tires have never had a wrench used on their lug nuts.

All of the gleaming chrome and polished metal remain immaculate, shinning brilliantly. Conversely, the internal leather and upholstery are still pristine with practically no evidence of wear. Furthermore, the door panels and dashboard have not been affected by fissuring or ultraviolet damage.

It is difficult to calculate specifically the worth of Collins’ discovery, since the particular year of the vehicle is never specified in the video. Doing some research via Hagerty reveals that the 380SL was only sold Stateside during 1981 to 1985.

Based on reports by Hagerty, a Mercedes-Benz 380SL from the 1981-1983 era is estimated to have a concours-level value of $59,400, though the resale price of an excellent condition model can be dropped significantly to approximately $29,700. Bearing in mind Collins’ car’s low mileage and lack of noticeable imperfections, its worth would likley be somewhere between these two figures. However, keep in mind that if the vehicle turns out to be from 1984 or 1985 then you should increase its forecasted value by about 5%.

Dennis Collins, avid car collector and star of the YouTube series “Collins Bros. Jeep” has made quite a mark in the world of Hagerty classic motoscene. His inventory of more than 200 cars is impressive, with vehicles ranging from a 1941 Willys MB to several Jeep Grand Cherokees from the ’90s.Dennis Collins, an enthusiastic motor enthusiast and leader of the acclaimed YouTube course of events “Collins Brothers. Jeep,” has caused a stirring in the old-style auto universe of Hagerty. His stock of upwards of 200 automobiles is noteworthy, containing various autos from a 1941 Willys MB to several Jeep Grand Cherokees from the 1990s.

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