Competitive Paint Choices and Pricing for Maserati GranCabrio vs. Porsche

Choose from 31 vibrant paint colors to personalize your space.

Last week, Maserati unveiled the latest version of their GranCabrio model, boasting stunning aesthetics and a robust V6 engine with 542 horsepower. Recently, the company announced the pricing details for this elegant convertible, starting at an introductory price of $203,000.

Naturally, there are several choices offered that significantly increase the cost. Five metallic shades are obtainable – Grigio Incognito (grey), Bianco Astro (silver), Blu Maserati (dark blue), Nero Assoluto (black), and Grigio Maratea Matte (matte grey) – with a premium of $4,500 for Grigio Maratea Matte. The Fuoriserie program offers a selection of 26 colors, although Maserati does not disclose the pricing for these shades.

A ebony textile canopy is standard, however clients have the option to select Titan Grey, Blue Marine, Granata (crimson), and Greige (tan) for an added cost of $630.

In regards to the wheels, there are a variety of four options to choose from. As a standard feature, the GranCabrio comes equipped with asymmetrical Pegaso wheels measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear. For an extra fee of $500, these same wheels can be upgraded to a diamond-cut design. The option of Astreo diamond-cut forged wheels is also available for $4,000. Additionally, for a more athletic look, these can be purchased with a sleek matte finish for $4,500.

Standard on the vehicle are Gloss Red brake calipers, but for an additional $500, customers can opt for Gloss Black, Gloss Yellow, or Blue to add some flair to their brakes. For those wanting a more bold and unique look, Anodized Red calipers are available for $1,000. In addition to these color options, there are three Fuoriserie shades to choose from: Orange, White, and Lime.

When it comes to the internal design, Maserati offers a variety of options for their clients to choose from. Black upholstery known as Nero can be combined with accents in either grey, yellow, or red stitching. Additionally, customers have the choice of selecting a grey headliner instead of the usual black when choosing Nero with yellow and grey stitching. For those looking for a more sporty touch, there is a no-cost option of Rosso (red) leather or a more sophisticated look with Ghiaccio (cream) leather.

In terms of the trim inlays, Maserati solely provides carbon fiber decorative features. The standard option is 3D carbon fiber, but for a more distinctive appearance, buyers must shell out $3,500 for High Gloss Copper Yarn carbon fiber or $2,500 for High Gloss carbon fiber twill trim. It’s unfortunate that the prestigious Italian brand doesn’t offer metal or wood inlays, which would attract a wider range of clients.

Although the choices and bundles are limited, the ones that do exist come at a steep price. For instance, the installation of a 12-speaker Sonus sound system will set you back $4,000, and a head-up display is an astonishing $2,000.

When it comes to essential car features, it’s hard to overlook the hefty $6,800 price tag that Maserati attaches to their ADAS Full Package. This package includes a variety of advanced technology such as adaptive cruise control, active lane assist (which encompasses both active blind spot and lane keeping functions), blind spot monitoring, Drowsy Driver Detection, a 360-degree surround view camera, traffic sign recognition, Active Driving Assist, traffic sign recognition, and Intersection Collision Assist. Despite the impressive range of capabilities, it’s difficult to ignore the steep cost associated with this package from Maserati.

We are not proposing that Maserati includes all the driver assist systems mentioned above as standard, but it would be beneficial for a majority of them to be included. Additionally, two packages that offer value for money are the Comfort and Sport Design options. The Comfort package is priced at $1,280 and offers ventilated seats and a wind deflector. On the other hand, the Sport Design package costs $1,450 and includes lightweight sports pedals, an aluminum footrest, and stainless steel doorsills.

When tallying the total cost, the recently released GranCabrio has a hefty price tag of $232,660, a considerable amount of money. To provide context, the Mercedes-AMG SL 63, which boasts greater power, begins at a comparatively lower price point of $183,000. While the 911 Turbo may be pricier at $210,000, it outshines competitors with its exceptional performance and handling. Therefore, despite its higher cost, the 911 Turbo still offers better value for money.

An economical edition of the Modena, boasting 483 horsepower, is set to be released in the upcoming months. The lineup is anticipated to closely resemble that of the GranTurismo coupe model. It’s worth noting that a Folgore option, fueled by three electric motors with a total output of 751 horsepower, is also in the works.

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