Conquer Moab in The Rain: Toyota 4Runner Boss

Adventure on Slick Rocks: A Surprising Twist
Slippery When Wet - Offroading Moab in the Rain

Offroad aficionados make their way to Moab, Utah for the thrilling landscape and hurdles that await them. Though some of the byways are tough to traverse in optimal conditions, necessitating impressive hardware plus magnificent savoir-faire, this clip from XplorAdventure captures a less favorable scenario with downpour and slop.

We truly recognize the irony embedded in this situation. Having chosen a modified Toyota 4Runner, this family of off-roaders determined that tackling Slickrock was sensible, even when the terrain was really wet. The video begins with a display of the stunning journey to get to the track and then follows with a warning that the path is unsuitable if wet. As an alternative plan, they opted for a less perilous route, yet still somewhat precarious. Undeterred, they continued onwards taking it step by step and paying attention to climatic conditions; aware that they may have to alter their plans if it went badly.

Selecting this route for traversal proves to be a brilliantly wise decision, for there is a hefty amount of slipping and sliding about in this video. When the rocks become wet, it’s not just the slipperiness to be concerned with — the tires get covered with mud from nearby clay deposits. The first part of the round trip goes smoothly and cautiously while crossing the rocky sections; despite the hair raising moments present throughout the journey, the rest of the area is handled without much difficulty.

After lunch time, the conditions became far worse to a point where they had to reverse their route. On the way back down, the path was now completely saturated and mud was a huge problem. The video footage shows the tires being flooded with thick clay, making even small clay banks difficult to navigable. Throughout it all, the driver remained unfazed and persistent. We presume that this visual representation makes the driving look far simpler than what it realistically was.

Just as this article is being published, thousands of Jeep aficionados are preparing for the upcoming 2023 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. Fingers crossed that their 4×4 excursion will be blessed with favorable weather conditions.

Source: XplorAdventure via YouTube

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