Dennis Collins Gains More CJ Jeeps for Garage

Restoring Dennis’ Collection of CJs: A Race Against Time.

Dennis Collins’ ongoing project of vintage car rebirth has taken a focus on Jeeps lately. With a journey to the town of Fred, Texas being no exception; two CJs with a dim future was where he came across. He uses the demonstration to bring awareness to several Jeep CJs that viewers of his YouTube channel would already be well acquainted with.

Finally, there is a peek into Collins’ Jeep cemetery with the crown jewel of it all – a possible six-digit worth CJ-5 and other plentiful vehicles.

HUGE Jeep Update + Rescuing Two Jeep CJs!

Collins’ ambitious 300 mile mission to secure a 1984 Jeep CJ-7 and 1978 Jeep CJ-5 bypasses his usual route of garbage-filled garages in favor of an open space. However, gaining access is not as simple as it looks.

He judiciously brought a four-wheel-drive forklift to lift the dusty CJ-7 out of its thicket-filled resting place. He also had to be mindful of the possibility of poisonous copperheads in the area. Fortunately, the CJ-5 springs to life with minimal effort after some minor work below the bonnet.

Collins is ambiguous about what he plans to do with these purchases. The Jeep CJ-7 does not have its two front wheels, but Collins noticed that some of its fundamentals are intact. Rather than focusing on its restoration, it’s more likely to be sold for parts. Contrarily, the Levi’s Edition 1978 Jeep CJ-5 is in running order, making it a probable candidate to be kept and preserved as a classic.

A considerably large section of the video focuses on various Jeep CJs from the 70’s and 80’s, including some recuperated previously. Collins displays his workshop as he accentuates the vibrant steel coatings. He guides watchers through it all.

He proudly boasts possessing a 1979 Jeep CJ-7 Golden Eagle of a former rescue mission, dubbing it the car that no other holds with such low mileage. To its captivating luster can be attributed a mere 5,500 miles on the meter and an entirely restored bodywork paint job.

Collins delves into an exceptional 1982 Jeep CJ-5 Laredo he obtained from a Canadian collectible seller and clarifies how Jeep concluded manufacturing of the CJ-5 in the early 1980s.

Meandering into the sideyard reveals dozens of Jeep CJ-5s and CJ-7s as well as the occasional Scrambler. Many seem to be prepared for navigating the roads, while others are there to bring respite to other Jeeps.

Collins attracts the attention of onlookers to a sorry-looking car, wishing to obtain six figures for the dilapidated 1982 CJ-5 upon completion of the restoration process. Such an uncommon model, due to its year of release and original black colour, renders it even more exclusive.

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