Considering Buying a Tesla Model Y? Read Owner Tips First

Tesla Model Y: Popular but with Drawbacks
DON'T BUY A TESLA UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS FIRST! Pros and Cons of a Tesla Model Y One Year Later

Many Tesla owners have an undeniable fondness for their EVs, but not all of them feel the same way. Although other people may seem to be obsessed with owning electric cars, some just have mixed feelings about it. They can recognize and appreciate some of the advantages of having one, though they still have moments of frustration due to its inconveniences.

It is likely that electric vehicles (EVs) will be a substantial part of the future, yet they are not completely suitable for everyone as of right now. Of course, Tesla is the favored brand for such cars, since it’s the only major corporation that produces and sells them to a noticeable degree. That being said, there are some aspects of Tesla ownership which can be unsatisfactory to certain people.

No automobile is flawless, and if a Tesla owner insists that theirs has absolutely no downsides, then they are more than likely exaggerating. However, many Tesla owners – not just other EV proprietors – have claimed these are the greatest cars they have ever owned, and we acquiesce. There are plenty of reasons why holding a Tesla, or an equivalent EV can be a pleasing experience, but you would be pressed to find it without any drawbacks whatsoever.

After a year of being a Tesla Model Y owner, Erin Robinson, an influential YouTube figure is once more voicing her opinions to the public, portraying an honest account of the pros and cons of the electric crossover. Unabashedly, Erin indicates that different from what other owners have described, her knowledge of the Tesla has not been the most pleasing.

Erin doesn’t often cover cars or EVs on her channel, but a year ago, she published a video entitled, “25 Things I WISH I Knew Before Buying a Tesla Model Y – Pros & Cons of 2022 Tesla.” Having owned the Model Y for a full year now, she has decided to produce a follow-up video. Erin wanted to share her experiences with the car, and what she has learned since her initial purchase.

Erin, a Model Y owner, fervently anticipates that the majority of people never run into as many issues as she has experienced with her electric SUV. As such, she admonishes first-time buyers to fully research any potential purchase before deciding to make it. At this juncture, Erin intends to dispose of her Model Y, yet not without first offering everyone considering acquiring a Tesla as much advice and guidance as possible.

Check the video to discover why Erin is not following through with the Tesla Model Y. Afterwards, scroll down and have your say in the comments vslide below. Are you like-minded to Erin? Could you be getting a Model Y? Or perhaps another Tesla model or an electric vehicle from another brand?

Source: Erin Robinson (YouTube)

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