Custom Bronco: Godzilla-Powered SUV

Valved Exhaust: Quiet at the Push of a Button

Whereas putting in a V8 Coyote engine into classic Broncos is nothing new, some make an extra effort by creepily putting together a 7.3-liter Ford Godzilla motor. The immense engine is manufactured for Ford’s Super Duty Trucks but remarkably it somehow fits in the aged 4×4 vehicle as well.

This iconic Ford Bronco Godzilla from Matko Motors is a unique sight. Featured here is the pioneering example, dubbed VIN001, having traveled only around 8,800 miles.

Despite the V8 engine’s immense power, it was too loud in its original state for the owner’s liking. As such, they sought help from Exhaust Addicts to design and install a custom exhaust which can be either audibly distinguished or kept subtle with just the press of a button.

1978 Ford Bronco 7.3L GODZILLA V8 w/ HEADERS & BORLA PRO-XS!

The swapped-in Godzilla Bronco was first brought to the workshop with an exhaust set-up that typically ran at around 79 to 80 dB in idle mode. However, when throttled up, it resulted in a bone-chilling 125 dB reading, comparable to experiencing a jet taking off or firing a gun by your head.

To cut down the loudness of the SUV, Exhaust Addicts outfitted it with a fresh set of shorty headers, downpipes, electronically-actuated cut-outs for convenient manipulation of sound, and two Borla Pro-XS mufflers to closely manage the volume. To accommodate the factory exhaust system, they also installed two LCGP resonators. Ultimately, two DC Sport exhaust tips were added to maintain the overall factory look of the Bronco build.

Exhaust Addicts didn’t put the SUV on a dynamometer to appraise its power facts after the fresh exhaust, yet remember that the Godzilla motor churns out 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque in its native form. It possesses capability to sustain up to 1,100 hp with unchanged internals plus a bit of adapting.

Having completed all the adjustments to the exhaust system and allowing the SUV to warm up, its rumbling noise decreased to 78 dB, while revving had an 11 dB reduction when compared to pre-modification levels, reaching 114dB. Furthermore, the owner can still retain the loud factor via the cut-outs, which allow the V8 engine to perform to its peak.

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