Customize Your Dream 996 Porsche with Kalmar’s Affordable Dakar Build

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If obtaining the Porsche 911 Dakar seems unattainable, Kalmar Automotive offers an alternative – a specially crafted Porsche 911 rally car inspired by the unappealing 996 model.

Known as the Kalmar RS-6, this affordable restomod has been specifically created to conquer rough terrain that is not suitable for traditional sports cars. The cost for this conversion starts at €45,000 before taxes (approximately $49,000) and can be applied to most 996 models, such as the Carrera 2, Carrera 4, and Turbo versions. Kalmar provides the option for both left and right hand drive vehicles to undergo this transformation.

Each and every 911 that undergoes the RS-6 transformation undergoes a significant revamp. The original flat-six engine remains, delivering a standard 300 horsepower. However, for those seeking more power, Kalmar offers tuning choices that can boost it up to 500 horses. To ensure optimal grip on any terrain, a unique limited-slip differential is installed in the RS-6. Additionally, the vehicle’s suspension is upgraded with customized parts, raising the ride height by 3.1 inches for a total ground clearance of 8.26 inches, identical to that of a regular 2024 Porsche Cayenne.

Kalmar equips every RS-6 with an individualized set of springs, subframe kit, and adaptable shock absorbers. Additional enhancements comprise of fresh driveshafts, top supports, bushings, and lightweight alloy wheels clothed in robust Michelin tires (either all-terrain or spiked winter tread). The structure has been reinforced by a novel strut support that is instrumental in evenly spreading weight across the front axle.

In case that is insufficient, Kalmar presents an adaptable damper system. Additionally, the options catalogue includes hydraulic lift shocks which can elevate the ride height by up to 1.96 inches. This adds to the versatility of the RS-6 model. In a single instant, you could be speeding over rocky off-road paths, and the next moment, you could be nimbly maneuvering through winding mountain roads. Other available features consist of a rally-inspired fly-off handbrake, high-performance seats, and a complete roll cage. And if desired, Kalmar also offers restoration services for the vehicle.

A six-speed gearbox (both manual and automatic options are offered), a rear roll cage, and 0.3-inch thick underbody armor come as standard features.

The styling of the 996 has been a major factor in its lack of popularity, with many criticizing the “fried egg” headlights. However, upon closer inspection, it’s difficult to focus on this flaw when there are so many impressive accessories and intricate details to admire. The addition of roof mounts allows for the convenient storage of tire racks and jerry cans, making it ideal for extended journeys. Each RS-6 produced by Kalmar is given a unique custom livery, ensuring that no two models will ever be identical. As an added bonus, an LED light bar is also included in the package.

When it comes to the interior, Kalmar follows a simple principle: “If it’s not necessary, let’s get rid of it.” This philosophy is sure to resonate with drivers who prioritize performance. Kalmar aims to create a raw, unfiltered driving experience, without any sound insulation, audio equipment, or other luxurious amenities. The focus is solely on the exhilaration of being behind the wheel. As an added bonus, all models come equipped with Recaro sports seats.

The construction of the Kalmar RS-6 typically requires approximately half a year, assuming you possess a 996 Carrera to transform. An acceptable model can be acquired for a price range of $25,000 to $30,000, making it possible to own a completely customized Dakar-style 996 without spending more than $80,000.First and foremost, assemble all necessary components and prepare them for the build. This involves sourcing appropriate parts, such as a rugged suspension and off-road tires. It is important to ensure that the chosen parts are of high quality and compatible with the 996 Carrera.Once all the components are ready, the conversion process can begin. The initial step is to remove the factory exterior components and replace them with the new, more robust ones. This includes installing fender flares, a custom front bumper, and a reinforced skid plate.Next, the suspension system needs to be upgraded to withstand tough terrains. This involves replacing the stock shocks, springs, and sway bars with larger and sturdier ones. Reinforcement plates may also need to be added to support the weight of the car during off-roading.The most crucial aspect of the build is the installation of off-road tires. These provide better grip and traction on

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