Cybertruck Reservationists: $1,000 Discount!

Place Order by Dec. 31st

The Cybertruck has finally arrived, and it looks like Tesla is leveraging the angular electric truck to increase sales of their entire lineup. An email sent out to Cybertruck reservation holders offers a $1,000 discount on a new Tesla. As the message reads, “While you await the delivery of your Cybertruck, get $1,000 off the lease or purchase price of a new Tesla.”

Those intrigued are obliged to place their orders before December 31st in order to be eligible for this special offer. This most recent Tesla promotional strategy is quite clever, using the guaranteed publicity of the Cybertruck to drive sales of the vehicle range for families. Evidently, the Cybertruck reservations are skyrocketing with estimations of over 2.1 million advanced bookings.

Not everyone who has put down a deposit for a Tesla Cybertruck is destined to buy one. Certain people may become frustrated with the extensive wait times, and the discounted price of a new Tesla Model X or Y could certainly beckon them to purchase temporarily.

Tesla is attempting to persuade reservation holders for the Cybertruck to take advantage of a $1,000 reduction. “The Cybertruck has arrived and your order is in line. Before the conveyance of your Cybertruck, get $1,000 off the lease or list value of a new Tesla*. Place your new order by December 31st…”

Why linger for a year or two if you could score a Model Y with a bargain? While some shoppers might choose to postpone, a few will be lured – and this is essential, since Tesla has to do everything in its power to hit its sales objectives. Tesla aimed to build 1.8 million cars by 2023. As per Teslarati, the business had already delivered over 1.3 million electric automobiles by Q3 of that year.

If Tesla is to achieve its ambition, it must move a large amount of vehicles before the end of December. Offering discounts may be one way to achieve this, though we wouldn’t be surprised if there were far more lucrative monetary promotions in the near future.

This year, Tesla has lowered charges for their entire range, rendering their collection far alluring.

The Model X, as an example, today commences at $79,990, meeting the requirements for the $7,500 EV tax break bonus. Include the other $1,000 additional deduction into the total, and theoretically, the big SUV changes to a total price of $71,490 — quite a savings when comparing it to its MY2022 sticker of $120,990.

It may not be the “must-have” electric car of this year like the Cybertruck, but those holding reservations are likely to take the plunge, especially now that Tesla has enticed them with a reward. It remains to be seen how effective this will be, however, we anticipate Tesla’s sales will be positively impacted by this tactic.

As a token of remembrance, the Tesla Cybertruck initiates from $60,990. Its most powerful model has a tri-motor arrangement, giving up to 845 horsepower. The estimated range is 340 miles; however, the range-extender selection may assist in achieving 130 extra miles.

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