Design a DB12 GT for Your Dreams

There are lots of things to choose from.

There may be little likelihood of actually picking up an Aston Martin DB12, yet consequentially, here lies the fantastic occasion to appear like you’re acquiring one by applying the incredibly intricate configurator. The good news is that there’s no fear of becoming appalled at any cost as it does not provide any pricing lists.

The initial selection is the exterior paint, and the opportunities are plentiful. Aston Martin categorises them into Blacks & Greys, Purples & Blues, Greens, Reds, Bronzes & Oranges, and Silvers & Whites. The renowned hue for this vehicle is Iridescent Emerald.

Customers can also choose from various exterior features. Trim designs span gloss black, carbon fiber, and the same hue as the bodywork. There is an option for a black or metallic grille. Moreover, customers have seven distinct wheel designs with a diameter of 21 inches to choose from.

Entering the interior, there are lean sports-style chairs as well as more lavish Sports Plus chairs with diamond embroidery. The lodgings come standard with a two-color feel, and purchasers can choose primary and secondary shades. The carpet and seat belts also offer a selection of colors to pick from – 11 options for the carpets and six hues for the straps. A carbon fiber package is available which drapes the center console in the ultra-lightweight material. Optional upgrades can include a 1,170-watt Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

Aston Martin boasts several lavish additions for customers to choose from. This selection of luxury consists of a 4-piece tailored luggage collection, a golfing bag, a ski holder, and the curious inclusion of a pet crate accompanied by a proper hound bed.

The DB12 contains a dual turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine granting 671 horses at 6,000 revolutions per minute and delivering 590 lb-ft of torque ranging from 2,750 up to 6,000 rpm. Accelerating to 60 mph is feasible within just 3.5 seconds, resulting in a maximum velocity of 202 mph.

In contrast to its predecessor, this motor is equipped with revised camshafts, bigger turbochargers and a honed cooling arrangement. Additionally, the design sports an electronic rear differential.

This cabin is equipped with the latest infotainment features, inclusive of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility that is available without wires. Additionally, the navigation technology utilized is 3D mapping.

Aston Martin is set to launch their DB12 during the third quarter. While they are not releasing cost information as of yet, customers can anticipate that it will be available soon.

Source: Aston Martin

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