Designer Fiat 500s Fetches $600K

Big Spenders: EVs with Armani, Bulgari and Kartell

A gathering of three exclusive Fiat 500e electric superminis – conjured up in combination with high-end fashion designers – brought forth a total of six hundred thousand dollars. The purchase ensued at Art Basel Miami the past week, providing pecunious showgoers to place bids on three disparate Fiat 500e produced by Giorgio Armani, Kartell, and Bulgari, which were all disclosed late in 2022.

The Armani model (gray-green shades) achieved the least cost figure, however even it was higher than anticipated for an electric vehicle with a few designer embellishments costing $150,000. The orange Bulgari version came second, selling for $175,000, but the Kartell model (which looks blue but is actually violet), far exceeded market expectations to the tune of $275,000.

All three of the electric vehicles had forecast prices between $50,000 and $100,000 before the auction began–so evidently there is an estimated higher worth for these select brands than was initially understood. The 500e set to enter United States markets within the early months of next year is pricey as well, costing $32,500 as the starting MSRP withudestination costs not included. Fortunately this is just a launch edition, therefore indicating that less expensive models will be arriviong eventually. It is presumably that Fiat will witness the popularity of these editions and choose to offer more through greater availability.

Bulgari recently augmented their automotive portfolio with the divulgence of an aluminium-build concept car exclusively for the digital world of Gran Turismo 7, however it seems likely to remain remote from a potential Fiat for some time.

Although these designer EVs were auctioned off in Florida, these “expressions of automotive art,” according to Fiat, do not meet the US safety regulations. Therefore, if the winning bidders are from the US, they will have some issues to take care of. Fiat will be sending these cars back to Italy, where they were manufactured, and the new owners can get the transfer of ownership completed there. After that, the necessary paperwork to allow exportation will be provided. We’re certain that the type of person who can afford to drop six figures on a small EV like this will have a team to look after the process for them.

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