Detroit Diesel Rat Truck: Steam Punk Masterpiece w/ 1400 LB-FT Torque!

1947 Ford COE: V12 Twin-Turbo Rat Truck with Hidden Bike

Nicole Johnson hosts a popular YouTube channel, in which she indulges in the thrill of exploring the exciting world of automotive engineering. On her channel, she frequently goes on wild journeys to drive exclusive vehicles, such as vehicles, trucks, and more. She desires to breach the limits of auto-mobility.

Pursuing her trail of revelations, Nicole has now arrived at the Detroit Destroyer! Combining pieces from a classic Ford COE truck, its plain utilitarian past has been reengineered to create a monster truck like no other. No longer an inconspicuous run-around vehicle, it’s been rebuilt into something right out of a Mad Max movie!

Johnson discovered a lot about this distinctive truck edition, and what makes it one of a kind. He was also impressed by how it functioned on the street.

DETROIT DIESEL: “Mad Max” Rat Rod V12 Diesel 1948 COE Dump Truck With Hidden Motorcycle | EP24

This 1947 Ford COE custom dump truck offers a post-apocalyptic, ‘Mad Max’ aesthetic for its bearing-bones design and a range of unique touches. Its long and low line give it an eye-catching appearance.

It almost scrapes the ground with its two leading wheels and there is this vast engine sqeezed between the throwback cabin and cargo-carrying bed.

Scotty Ray of Las Vegas possesses the renowned Detroit Destroyer; it is a centre-engined truck.

The term ‘COE’ stands for Cab-Over-Engine, but that mechanical engineering does not apply to this rat truck. In the hood lies a Honda Trail 90 rat bike. The Detroit Destroyer, often seen cruising and appearing at exhibitions, has a Detroit Diesel inline motor bonded with a manual Turbo 400 transmission for transport.

This incredible diesel engine clocks in at a substantial 14 liters! Its V12 turbo configuration with two turbochargers produces 425 horsepower and an astonishing 1,400 pound-feet of torque, making it a true powerhouse. Made of cast-iron, its humongous size translates to 4,000 lbs, which is almost enough to support the mini-dump truck bed in the rear. To counterbalance the added weight, a Ford F-550 rear axle has been added for reinforcement.

Throughout the video, Nicole discovers the mysteries and specifics of the Detroit Destroyer; from its clandestine rat bike to its gull-winged entry door and its complex assembly of cranks that morph into gears. It all has a great steampunk look to it – the inside is a complete sight of madness!

Nicole is taken aback as she aboard the heavily roaring diesel vehicle out in the open road. It is a noteworthy experience operating this rig – the gears are only small distances apart and unless the engine rev is at the optimal rate, the transmission would not budge. She hears Scott telling her to give it a boot so that it may shift, while the torque takes care of the rest.

View the video for an assortment of visions, noises, and Nicole’s unwavering energy for this rad fabrication.

The value of a Ford COE can fluctuate from $30,000 to 50,000 based on its condition. The worth of a 1948 Ford F-Series (introduced one year after the ’47 COE) is typically assessed at around $30,000 in auctions.

Rat trucks are an adaptation of rat rods, which are vehicles that possess little refinement, made up from economic components put together to create decaying, rust-coated masterpieces. They have significant popularity, yet few machines can parallel the character of the 1400lb ft, V12 diesel motor dubbed the Detroit Destroyer.

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