Shelby Cobras Unleash Horsepower At Willow Springs

Nicole Joins Cobra Owners Club, Tests Out ’64 Shelby & Continuation Series

Nicole Johnson, an extremely passionate YouTuber, racer and car enthusiast, is always on a search for the ultimate spectacle. She seeks out only the most offbeat projects, modernized classics and original motorsport icons with the hope of getting behind the wheel of each and every one of them.

This installment stands out as one of her most tremendous ones yet, where she conveys the sensation of being ‘as if a rock star’ in the company of some of the grandest racing vehicles ever, which includes one of the five original Shelby Cobra FIA racing automobiles.

Nicole evaluates both a classic FIA-model and a continuation-series Cobra as she navigates them around Willow Springs in the scorching desert temperatures. She surveys how the American vehicles operate in such heated environments.

ORIGINAL COBRAS Part 2: 1 of 5 FIA Original 1964 289 Shelby Cobra at Willow Springs | EP25

Johnson is cordially invited to the biannual gathering of Cobra drivers, at Willow Springs International Raceway. The congregation encompasses not only genuine Cobras and replicas but numerous other high-performance autos such as Ford Mustangs.

Lynn Park, a seasoned proprietor of Cobras (holding at least 50 vintage ones over the course of 6 decades), an authority on the trademark automobile, and long-time friend to Carroll Shelby since the early sixties, will be meeting with Mr. Shelby today.

The main draw for the day is a lone 1964 FIA 289 Shelby Cobra. Nicole can hardly contain herself as she eye’s up the classic American ride. Shortly thereafter, she gets to have some fun behind the wheel and take it out on the track for a spin.

Be sure to look closely at the video for intriguing details, such as the concealed speedometer created to deflect your concentration away from roads’ speed. This 1964 Shelby Cobra was intended to compete in Europe in the GT ‘street car’ category and its distinct trunk contour is discernible when examined more thoroughly. It has volume-minimizing indentations meant to hold a bag; demonstrating its usability as practical transport on the streets.

The video is definitely worth watching due to the amazing footage of Nicole taking corners in her vehicle, which flaunts her proficient driving abilities just as much as the intense purring sound of the 450-horsepower, 289-cubic inch V8 engine located underneath the shell of the Cobra.

Later in the video, the YouTuber intersects with Lynn’s boy who shows her a ‘Unique Contest Expansion’ Shelby Cobra. It is put together as a 2010 rendition with the 427 CI V8. These are officially recognized vehicles that continued to be manufactured for a number of years after the initial Cobras left the Shelby plant. Nicole finds out that this muscle car from America, with four gears, produces 500hp in all. Consequently, the whole experience proves to be a captivating viewing.

For the past five decades, the Shelby Cobra Club has been occurring biannually, and we aspire that its members identify a path to keep these American rides driving for even more years in the future.

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