Ferrari Roma V12: Spied On Camera

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The days of Italian V12 machines may be waning … or are they? A anonymous spy video recently discovered close to the Ferrari premises shows another camouflaged Roma loaded with a V12 engine. While we can’t precisely see the motor, we can most certainly listen to it.

Varryx’s latest video presents footage of the same prototype taking interchanging trips in front of the camera. A close-up of the automobile reveals how it closely mirrors the style of Romas we are already accustomed to; though, some minor differences can be noticed. Its hood appears to be a bit more protracted and its backside’s shoulders might be slightly more husky. No audible sound – other than the roar of an engine – is heard leaving us to presume this is just another version of a Roma being propelled by a V8 motor.

We make a discreet engine rumble on the first run, yet the driver appears much less restrained as they manoeuvre round the corner for the second time. The test car emits an unmistakable note of a V12 while linked to the bend, shifting up gears nimbly. Besides, we don’t detect something that may signify some type of forced induction. No matter what species of twelve-cylinder powertrain inhabits the bonnet – it clearly works on its own. We think.

It is still not confirmed if Ferrari will incorporate a hybrid system into whatever they are secretly preparing. This examined car does not have any labels that specify it being electrified, yet they would be superfluous unless running in specific spots (i.e. the Nurburgring). We have yet to find out about any hush-hush prototypes, implying that the hybrid aid – on the off chance that it exists – could be light without any form of electric-only driving.

What this automobile is going to be is still subject to question. It looks like Ferrari may be experimenting with altered shells of the Roma as they work on a replacement for the impressive 812 Superfast. This is something we’ve seen before with Maserati matching its Levante bodies to the Purosangue chassis. Speaking of, rumors were that it would be a hybrid when debuted and, in answer, came a massive 6.5-liter V12 delivering 715 hp. Furthermore, it seems the Roma also has a link to the Purosangue. So our belief is this could be an 812 successor beneath the shell, or maybe just a V12-driven Roma?

Ferrari is likely to launch a slew of recent vehicles prior to 2023 draws to a close, thus at some point in this year we should be imparted with the news.

Source: Varryx via YouTube

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