700 HP Dodge Neon Hits 200.9 MPH

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Malcolm T. Ward has taken an ordinary Dodge Neon and turned it into something extraordinary. Unveiling a formidable 200.9 mph at the Texas Mile, this 1998 model holds a secret power residing beneath the hood. An impressive feat, considering the engine, transmission, and other components are all from a salvaged 2004 SRT-4. The jaw dropping 323.3 km/h generated by the inconspicuous car is sure to turn some heads!

The turbocharged 2.4-litre engine initially generated 215 horsepower for the year 2003, with capacity increasing to 230 hp for the subsequent two years of production. Despite the official figures taken at the crank, further dynamometer testing suggested a very comparable amount of power was delivered to the axles. This second-generation Neon has been heavily customised to deliver more than three times its original horse-power. With VP C85 race fuel being used, an incredible 700 horses can now be felt when pushing the wheels.

Malcom has progressed immensely since his very initial participation in the Texas Mile back in 2012 with a contrasting Neon. He was equipped with mostly a stock engine, featuring some bolt-ons that enabled him initially to hit 169 mph. Later, through aerodynamic modifications, he achieved a speed of 179 mph; and finally in 2019 the motorizing propels him to 190 mph. This performance induced him to embark on the pursuit of breaching 200 mph at the October 2020 event of the Texas Mile – but it resulted in demolition when a head gasket failure occurred.

Regarding this indigo Neon, it was owned by his stepson and had a measly 2.0L naturally aspirated motor producing 150 hp. That already mentioned SRT-4 was procured in 2010 and the insides of it were applied to make this behemoth sedan. It did not reach the revered 200-mph milestone with the first attempt requiring five tests: 176.2 mph, 175.6 mph, 185.6 mph,196.7 mph, and finally hitting the 200.9-mph apex. During the fastest lap, the Dodge Neon went 128.8 mph at the quarter-mile mark and 159.7 mp at the half-mile mark.

The compilation of a Dodge Neon reaching remarkable velocities serves to remind us of another, comparatively humble compact sedan derived from the Old Continent. During the year of 2011, a Skoda Octavia RS attaining 600 hp impressively broke the land-speed record by clocking in at 227 mph (366 km/h) within the renowned Bonneville Salt Flats. Subsequently, a full restoration of the ludicrously swift automobile was conducted by the Czech car company, depicted below.

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