Discover The World’s Top Driving Routes With This Website

Efficient Navigation: Road differentiation, corner distances, and twisty route ratings all in one.

The quest to find the ultimate driving route is never-ending. Not only is it a matter of personal preference, but the mere thought of scouring the entire world for such roads can be overwhelming. However, there is a solution – a fantastic website that not only showcases winding routes, but also provides abundant information about them. This nifty site makes the search seem less daunting.

The website,, may have a simple name, but it offers much more than just a visually appealing map with colored lines. It is an interactive platform that utilizes terrain data and satellite images to allow users to seamlessly transition from a bird’s eye view to a ground-level perspective as they zoom in. Straight roads with minimal curves are not highlighted, but as the roads become more interesting, different colors are incorporated. A color-coding system is also used to indicate the level of twistiness, with yellow representing “moderately twisty” and hot pink representing “very twisty.”

However, hold on a minute, there is additional content available. And not just a little bit, but a plethora of it.

When it comes to the visuals, the thickness of the colored lines remains consistent as a way to represent major or minor roads. Additionally, there is the option to include less winding roads on the map, which are indicated by green lines. As you zoom in, the map transitions to satellite imagery, providing a more accurate depiction of the roads and the surrounding area. From here, you have the ability to click on a specific road, which will bring up a window containing various types of information. This includes details such as speed limits, total distance of the route, the distance between corners, road surface conditions, smoothness of the road, and a ranking system based on the “curvature value” of each road.

We must confess to getting lost in a vast rabbit hole while browsing through this website. It is undeniably an incredible tool for organizing thrilling road trips, whether flying solo or with companions. However, we also relish the opportunity to experience the world through the lens of a driver. Upon discovering the abundance of twisting roads throughout Europe, it becomes clear why cars in that region are focused on agility and compactness. In contrast, the wide expanses of America and Australia are perfectly suited for large cruisers and muscular vehicles that thrive on devouring endless miles of pavement. From this standpoint, the development of different types of automobiles in various regions is quite logical.

This article is both enlightening and captivating, making us wonder: where will our next journey on the road lead us?

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