DMC DeLorean Gets 450-HP Honda Engine Upgrade

Porsche 6-Speed Gearbox Powers Honda K24 Rear Wheels

The iconic DMC DeLorean left an indelible imprint upon the movie industry, yet its driving performance hasn’t been particularly remarkable. To try and sugared-coat the ride, many owners have transformed their vehicle with an LS swap; however, YouTuber HondaPro Jason recently encountered a unique Honda K-engine and installed a turbocharger for a boost of power.

In the rear of this DeLorean is a 2.4-liter K24 powertrain taken from a 2004 Acura TSX, practically an Honda Accord in another name, subsuming the original 2.8-liter PRV V6 engine which made merely 130 horsepower. While Honda’s native laid down force is approximate 200 horsepower, owner John asserted that with a Precision 6062 turbocharger equipped, the motor could deliver 450 hp on ethanol (400 hp on fuel-pump gas).

Honda K Powered & Turbocharged DeLorean

Power is delivered to the back wheels through a Porsche six-speed manual transmission, instead of the stock three-speed automatic.

John states that the Honda engine is an advantageous option, as it takes off some of the burden from the rear. The tremendous reliability of the K24 is a further incentive; allowing those utilizing it to trust it while driving. Moreover, with a turbocharged orientation providing more muscle, maltreating the motorcar should be sure to make the driver ecstatic.

This stainless steel sports vehicle has been further enhanced to harness the full potential of its powerful engine. Adjustments to the suspension system employ a coilover setup for increased flexibility.

Bypassing the widely used LS transplant may have skipped out on the probability of getting more potency from the engine compartment, however the driving enjoyment was already a buzz. After taking it out on the highway, HondaPro Jason expressed that the car was wobbly, supplying an incredible measure of pleasure.

The controversial discussion of replacing a legendary automobile with an unexpected powerplant is increasingly heated. Whilst the Honda-infused DeLorean did pique our collective interest, another LS build may not elicit the same response. Are you hoping for the Back to The Future star to have a fresh start with unique force generators? Let us know your choice in the comments!

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