Turbo Honda Powers DeLorean’s Success

Boosted K24 Tuned for Ethanol – A Mr Fusion Alternative

It’s undeniable that the DeLorean DMC-12 is an iconic automobile. Thanks to a certain movie series, most people associate it with being incredibly fast. In truth, its rear-mounted V6 powerplant produces only 130 horsepower. To say it’s unsafely sluggish would be an exaggeration; nevertheless, the performance doesn’t quite live up to its super sporty appearance.

This distinct DeLorean conveniently remedies the issue, specifically if you’re a devotee of Honda. Possessed by John Thompson and highlighted in HondaPro Jason’s latest video on YouTube, the six-cylinder motor is supplanted by a K24 Honda four-cylinder engine. This would already be considered a betterment over the first 2.8L powerplant, however this 2.4L four also gets a turbocharger plus it is modified to run on E85 fuel. As revealed in the recording, this DeLorean now yields 400 hp when functioning with regular gas. After shifting to E85, that amount rises to 450 hp.

Not to be disregarded, the DeLorean is an authentic rear-engined car with its engine placed primarily aft of the axle. Therefore, a six-speed Porsche manual gearbox is used to transmit the output to the wheels. The suspension was enhanced as well with coilovers and polyurethane bushings while the powertrain rests snugly in the compartment thanks to tailor-made engine and transmission mounts. Additionally, replacing the motor did not contribute hugely to the mass of the vehicle.

It looks incredibly neat under the hood, and as the video suggests, the transformation was mostly a quick and easy job with very few modifications to the DeLorean. The original air conditioning system was kept intact, and judging from the driver’s reaction during a test drive, it’s a very thrilling ride. You can hear the laughter in the background as the turbo kicks in and the revs go up, although the driver admits it feels “risky” when going fast.

Honda K Powered & Turbocharged DeLorean

In the domain of LS and 2JZ installations, goosing a K24 could demonstrate to be an ideal option for constructing a truly hilarious DeLorean. At least, it’s rapid and generates an incredible soundtrack on top of that. There is essentially no drawback there.

Source: HondaPro Jason / YouTube

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