Drag Race Showdown: Muscle vs. Luxury

Who Will Win the Close Fight?

Folks at Hoonigan have recently come up with a new upload and featured the 1,300 horsepower Cummins mid-engine straight-six Ram pickup truck in their YouTube channel’s This vs. That video. Contrary to the 570S which remains in its factory performance, similar cannot be said for the Ram, given it has gone through an engine transformation from its owner, Tim Moore to cranking out its impressive horsepower.

To provide a condensed overview of the pickup’s history, it all began with a discarded stock vehicle. This soon mutated into a street truck and racing model equipped with 6.7-liters worth of the D&J Precision Enforcer engine – plus multiple corresponding updates. Furthermore, Moore runs an exhaust gas turbo system that can reach pressures up to 120 lbs at max nitrous deployment!

BUILT vs BOUGHT! 1300hp Cummins RAM vs Fresh-off-the-Floor McLaren 570S // THIS vs THAT

Tim expresses that the truck can produce close to 1,300 hp with usual diesel fuel off the pump. On the other hand, if nitrous is utilized it is believed that this power can achieve an incredible 1,800 horsepower, contingent upon how much they inject. This would be a notably greater output than its relative, the Ram TRX.

In spite of its considerable capacity, the truck still retains its original drivetrain components, including axles and transfer case. Nonetheless, the input and output flanges were adapted via equipping 1550 U-joints to the drive shaft. Additionally, it is outfitted with improved brakes that boast six-piston Wilwood calipers. Furthermore, the outer beadlock rims with racing slicks are there to aid in transmitting power effectively.

Within, the interior has been largely removed but does feature its standard dashboard and entry panels. Additionally, a roll cage, bucket seat and manual valve body shifter complete the space.

When it came to the drag races, they were set up as a best-of-three on a 1,000-foot course. The inaugural competition saw both automobiles beginning from a dead start, with the pick-up truck eventually emerging victorious. Unfortunately, the McLaren’s launch control was not functioning correctly during this time, which likely afflicted its performance and led to its defeat.

The second race was a different configuration, this time with the McLaren placed somewhat behind the truck, yet starting before it. In this instance, the 570S emerged victorious, as the pickup couldn’t channel its power effectively. Additionally, Moore failed to make out the signalman.

The third race unfolded in a manner quite like the opening race; both cars were settled at the commencement line flush with each other, though the McLaren still had the quicker start. As we observed in the second round,the Lamborghini was victorious by a significant lead. This instance demonstrates that even if your car has more than 1,000 horses beneath the hood, there is no assurance of success in any drag race.

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