Which Dually is Toughest? Pickup Showdown.

Ford F-350 v. Mustang on the Drag Strip

Here is a competition between three of the most massive, hefty pickup trucks fabricated by Ford, Chevrolet and Ram. Notwithstanding, this challenge isn’t about towing or hauling – as displayed by YouTube channel The Fast Lane Truck, it’s merely an awe-inspiring show of power meant for brags alone.

Offering immense power, these diesel hopefuls ensure that this drag duel sure won’t be as boring as it may seem initially.

The powerful Ford F-350 squares off against the stiff competition of other carmakers – and there’s a bonus twist at the finish, courtesy of the legendary Ford Mustang!

Ford vs Chevy vs Ram XXL Diesel Dually Drag Race: Which of These Huge HD Trucks Is the Fastest?

The numerous trucks that have been brought together are strong, highly advantageous diesel-engines with double back axles.

of torque.At first, the video looks into the engines of these vehicles, starting with the Ram 3500 HD. Powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel six cylinder engine and a 6-gear automatic gearbox, this model is capable of delivering an impressive 420 horsepower and a whopping 1075 lb-ft. of torque.

Subsequently, the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD (in LTZ trim) is equipped with a 6.6-liter Duramax V8 diesel engine, which transmits power to its wheels through a 10-speed automatic gearbox. It produces an output of 470 hp coupled with a torque of 975 lb-ft, giving it superior power, while a slight decrease in its torque.

Both trucks go head-to-head, with the victor then undertaking the daunting challenge of competing against Ford. Comparing the Ram to the Chevy, it’s clear that the former lags behind, failing to keep pace as the Chevy takes charge from the outset and gradually extending its lead until the end.

A quarter mile sprint with no traction control in effect illustrates that the Chevy outperforms the Ram with comparative times of 17.31 and 18.78, respectively. A visual race between the two indicates that when it comes to a straight-up drag event, the Chevy is markedly superior.

As promised, the Chevy competes with even the most muscular of heavy-duty trucks, the Ford Super Duty F-350. It is empowered by a 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 diesel engine boasting a massive 500 hp and 1200 lb-ft torque – figures that tower above its rivals.

Ford’s hefty pickup hauling capacity has astounded, making it better than Chevy and topping off the Ram. A commendable 16:54 clock-rate was logged by F-350 which is definitely remarkable for such a hefty, double-wheeled truck. Furthermore, it also possesses a 10-gear automatic.

The Speedster Truck chosen brought in a fifth-gen Ford Mustang GT to investigate just how much faster it is compared to the F-350.

What an unpredicted surprise! Quite mind-blowing was the synchronized departure of the Ford F-350 and Mustang. Entirely unbelievable was the pickup’s capability to remain alongside the muscle car during the total duration of reaching 60 mph.

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