Drake Owns Brabus 900-HP Off-Roader

Releasing the Beast: 4.5L Mercedes-AMG V8 Turbo.

Drake has a fondness for off-roaders, which is evident in his music video for Stickymusic. This time, the Canadian hip-hop artist has acquired himself one to call his own – and it’s definitely no ordinary ride. He now sports the ultra-exclusive Brabus Crawler.

Drake has found himself among the 15 proud owners of a tough off-road SUV. While it may hold a resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, this custom machine was crafted with great care and attention. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, it can not be driven on regular roads – only specially built off-road terrains.

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That declared, the Crawling machine has a maximum speed of 99 mph. It is propelled using a revamped Mercedes-AMG V8 motor with two Brabus turbo chargers bored to 4.5 liters. A colossal 900 hp and 922 ftlb of torque makes it powerful. Subsequently, power is sent out to all four wheels through a nine-speed automotive gearbox.

Taking a look at the outside, the Brabus Crawler is adorned with carbon fiber elements over the hood, roof panel, fenders, and spoiler. Riding atop 20-inch Brabus Monoblock HD wheels, these are wrapped up in 40-inch off-road tires made with maximum durability in mind. Alongside this, brakes attached to the wheels consist of disc brakes, portal axles, adjustable shocks, and springs – all finished with a flashy red colour.

The crimson hue pervades the doorless cockpit seated atop the tube chassis, complete with a steering wheel, dashboard, and carbon-fiber racing seats. Further augmenting its off-road prowess is the top-end 12-inch monitor installed by Mercedes-AMG that provides capabilities such as satellite imaging, point-to-point navigation, route recording, and much more.

Brabus has set an eye-wateringly high price of €749,000 (or an equivalent of around $792,405 at the present exchange rates) for its Crawler SUV limited edition. But for big-name rap stars like Drake, the cost should be the least of his worries. The new Crawler is just another addition to his already impressive collection of cars, such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom tuned by Mansory from Germany.

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