Drifting Legend: Ford Mustang Dark Horse Transformation

Drawing from Nissan GT-R and R33 NISMO 400R Inspirations.

The legendary R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R is showing no signs of slowing down, and could soon be imported to the U.S. owing to the ’25 Year Hazard’. This brings visions of this distinct new JDM Ford Mustang Dark Horse to brains. Some may perceive the S650 Mustang’s modern revamp as breathless, which makes this amalgamation of a Nissan GT-R and a Dark Horse so appealing. Fans will recognise components from the iconic R33 GT-R NISMO 400R’s front bumper and the Bing car’s tires, with the rakish boot clearly coming from Nissan. Red in tooth and claw, the only thing missing from the showcased video is a demonstration of this American-Japanese hybrid gliding on an sharp slope.

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