Nissan Skyline GT-R Owned by Paul Walker for Sale

Own a Spectacular Piece of Automotive History

The iconic Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), which heroic actor Paul Walker drove in the renowned 2009production Fast & Furious, can now be obtained through auction specialists Bonhams. This celebrated four-wheeled celebrity is currently up for grabs.

This particular ride’s glossy Bayside Blue finish is unmistakable to the followers of the franchise, as it was the car chosen by Walker in its fourth chapter. Numerous fans of the series recall how this automobile masterfully moved through the clogged highways of LA while competing against an E39 BMW M5 and a Nissan Silvia in an unlawful racing contest.

Walker, a great devotee of the R34, played an important role in this Skyline’s refinement and customization, giving his thoughts on even the minute aspects and decisions. Kaizo Industries brought in the JDM enthusiast’s dream car from Japan (unpowered) and then supplied it with the right RB26DETT powerplant.

Skillfully imported as a kit car, the experts embarked on making sure the automobile met the strict criteria prescribed by the US Department of Transportation. After fitting strengthened seatbelt supports and an enhanced body, they started to transform this disregarded shell into a luminary.

With Walker’s guidance, Kaizo modified the Nissan to his exact requests. The movie star’s attention to detail even extended to the rear fog lights, requesting that the red lens be swapped for a white one. Unusually, the Skyline is quite subtle for an early Fast and Furious franchise film car; Walker is reported to have said that he wouldn’t drive a “sticker bomber,” resulting in the sleek bodywork devoid of flashy decals.

The vehicle underwent a discrete revamp with the inclusion of a Nismo Version II bumper and side skirts, an East Bear Hood, as well as 19 inches Volk Racing RE30 rims.

Undoubtedly, Walker was not just involved in external aspects of the car. As a result, this Skyline contains plenty of high-powered improvements, including a Turbonetics front intercooler, a Nismo NE-1 fumes system, a custom-made roll cage, and an ARC titanium strut brace. The boosted horse power is an impressive 550.

The installation of Nismo lowering springs improved the car’s handling, while Rotora brakes with six-piston calipers at the front and a four-piston system at the back were also fitted. In addition, the original steering wheel was replaced by a more performance-oriented Momo Alcantara model. Further weight reduction was achieved by removing the rear seats.

Two occupants now have to secure themselves due to the OMP custom racing chairs, outfitted with a five-point harness. It’s not entirely pure comfort-wise, as the Skyline was updated with a Sony audio unit, and some special features such as a personalized head-up display along with the Xenarc MFD Display linked to the R34’s ECU.

Walker’s racing chair, placed to his preferred driving posture, has not been altered since filming was completed.

At this point, the long-forgotten history of Nissan resurfaced, confronting it with the US Customs and Border Protection seizing the vehicle. The car fell into a laborious legal dispute due to its nonexistence in the USA as an officially commercialised item. In the end, in 2012, the car was liberated and sent to Germany that has been its home ever since.

Potential buyers of the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II should be aware that its original mileage cannot be confirmed, as nothing is known about the time it spent in Japan. Bonhams therefore suggests enquiring whether the car can be registered in their respective regions, though they note that several examples of the R34 have already been imported into America on “Show or Display” titles.

Following a fleeting moment with fame, the R34 went on to settle in Munich Motorworld, resulting in devotees of the series making their way there to admire the remarkable showpiece.

Whilst the car is running smoothly, Bonhams suggests that any new owner ought to engage in a comprehensive recommissioning before it is peddled vigorously.

Apart from the factory chassis signature (BNR34-400109), the Skyline sports a Kaizo Industries plaque that renders some interesting facts. It’s not the premier time this special auto has been up for sale, indeed it was advanced by a different distributor just over half-a-year back.

Bonhams has not given a forecast, however, taking into consideration previous auctions of the R34 Skyline GT-R model, it stands to reason that this instance will be worth a princely amount – particularly when you consider its distinct history. The sale will go down between April 28 – May 5, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The R34 was superseded by the Nissan GT-R in 2007 with remarkable persistence – this car is still available today and has undergone a remodel for MY2024 to preserve its modernity.

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