Drive A BMW Z4: Get a Manual Now

Improving Z4: Manual vs Automatic

Admirers of controlling their own transmission can take joy as the 2024 BMW Z4 has been fitted with a six-speed manual variant in the USA. Fabrication commences during the first quarter of next year, though no cost information is available yet.

Exclusively featured on the M40i trim, BMW has developed a 6-speed manual in collaboration with ZF, specifically for this model. The rear axle assembly is crafted from the M240i and boasts a M Performance limited-slip differential. Additionally, rumors have spread that the shift linkage for this 6-speed manual is unlike the one used on the Supra, as reported by BMW Blog. Equipped with a dual turbo 3.0-litre inline six, providing 382 horsepower and 369 pound feet of torque, it is bound to be an enjoyable ride!

No performance data is available for the six-speed-equipped Z4. As it has two less gears in comparison to the pre-existing eight-speed automatic, it likely would be somewhat tardier getting up to 60 mph. Nevertheless, purchasers are bartering speed for a more captivating driving experience. The auto-equipped roadster attains 60 mph in 3.9 seconds.

The manual variation of the Z4 M40i includes some elemental changes compared to its auto counterpart. It has a reworked suspension including stiffer front anti-roll bar clips and recalibrated adaptive shocks, intended to deliver a more efficient ride. Furthermore, the revised steering should provide greater accuracy. Bigger 19″ wheels feature at the front, whilst 20″s spawn at the rear for a staggered silhouette.

A hand-operated Z4 has been curiously absent in the US for some considerable time. Gossip and rumors concerning its production have abounded, particularly after the launch of the 2023 Supra by Toyota which was fitted with a transmission that was based on a four-cylinder variant of the Z4 available overseas. Thankfully, it appears there is still a vehicle that will defy this current tendency of manual transmissions fading away from new cars.

Source: BMW Blog

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