Over Half Of 2023 BMW M2s Manual Transmissions

20% of BMW M3s and M4s with 6-Speed Transmissions

BMW is one of the select automakers that continues to provide manual transmissions in its high-performance vehicles. In 2023, these proved fashionable in America. “The request for manual versions in our prestigious M series remained incredibly vigorous during the year 2023, making up about 20 percent of overall M3 and M4 sales (consolidated) and more than half of M2 transactions,” an agent from BMW revealed to Motor1 in a correspondence.

It’s certainly noteworthy that out of the M3 and M4 range, just the basic models can be opted for with a manual transmission. Variants such as the Competition, Competition xDrive and limited editions like the M3 CS and M4 CSL are exclusively automatic – whereas only the base option is provided with a manual gearbox. Currently, the M2 is available as simply the M2 – which grants the choice between either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

These figures are exceptionally impressive, indicating that car fans may be more generously embracing manual transmissions as an electric-driven future approaches. BMW is also among the very select companies to expand their U.S manual selections, planning on adding a six-speed option for the Z4 M40i sometime in the near future.

Not solely BMW has reaped the rewards of manual gearboxes on sporty models. As we informed before, almost 50 percent of Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings, which pit against multiple M cars from BMW, are fitted with six-speed manual transmission.

BMW M has promised they shall offer manual-transmission vehicles until the upcoming decade concludes, at which point the majority — if not all — M automobiles will feature electrified powertrains. As a matter of certainty, the existing M2 will be the last petrol only M-based car, with the new M5 set to become a plug-in hybrid when it eventually hits showrooms later this year.

As time inexorably passes by, manual BMW performance cars are not yet becoming extinct. There is still ample opportunity to make an order for an M2 with a six-speed transmission in the near future.


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