Durango SRT Hellcat Owner Suing Over 2023 Halt

2023 Durango SRT Hellcat Annoys Existing Owners

The epic finale of Dodge’s Hellcat series is prompting the reissue of the Durango SRT. Initially, it was only being released in limited quantities for 2021 and was slated to be a sought after collectible car. However, news of its comeback has displeased many owners; one of them even claims he will be filing a lawsuit against Dodge.

The 2023 design year will be the swan melody for the Charger and fighter forcered with Hellcat vigor, thereby being logical to relaunch the Durango SRT Hellcat one ultimate time. Plenty of Mopar loyalists have reacted approvingly with the proclamation. On the contrary, several 2021 Durango proprietors are less than pleased as they are apprehensive that a fresh start of Durango SRTs could allegedly cheapen the uniqueness and worth of their rides.

Stacy, an owner of the Durango SRT Hellcat, is contemplating legal action due to his dissatisfaction with the vehicle. “We saw this as our only shot to own the most exclusive, collectible version of the SUV we already adored,” he explained. “The cost was justified by the limited availability and the ability to customize it with all the features we desired.” For that reason, Stacy is now considering a lawsuit.

Stacy was infuriated when he heard about Dodge’s plans to manufacture more vehicles. Taking matters into his own hands, he announced his intention to take legal action in a private Durango Hellcat Facebook Group. “I had to do something if only out of principle,” he declared. “If you ask me what I personally want as an outcome… it would be simply that they stick to their word.”

Stacy is consulting with an attorney to determine if there is a potential case, as the marketing material for the 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat implied a limited run, stating, “The 2021 Durango Hellcat is only a single model-year run, ensuring that it will be a very special, sought-after performance SUV for years to come.” Initially, a press release from the original announcement indicated that only 2,000 Durangos would be produced, but Dodge later increased that figure to 3,000.

Stacy is far from the only one feeling frustrated over the situation, with many other people on social media sharing her sentiments. In particular, many noted they had purchased the vehicle due to its exclusivity. The private Facebook group has seen a substantial number of comments, with many people offering to contribute to the costs of a lawsuit. As one owner remarked, “I’m in as well. I paid MSRP because they said one year and done.”

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