E30 BMW 3 Series Truck Conversions: Perfection

Six-Cylinder E36: Get One Today!

Inventive craftsmen from South Africa have taken to modifying BMW E30 convertibles into mini pickups. It is uncertain what has flourishes these extraordinary transformations, yet one can be certain that the results are as soundly constructed as any other small truck in existence. Therefore, if you’re considering on purchasing a Ford Maverick, you should definitely watch the video below.

Thanks to Cars.co.za, the labours of building something extraordinary is evident. It required cutting and removing almost all of the back-end from the BMW 3 Series G20’s ancestor in order to create a useful pick-up bed. Even one instance in the video showcases the practicality of the rear sliding window, which is properly typical of any commercial truck.

BMW E30 Bakkie! 325i Convertible turned into a pick-up (and it's running an E36 2.8-litre engine!)

Nestled within this vehicle resides a 2.8-liter 328i powertrain originating from the newer E36. When connected with a 6-speed manual transmission, no precise power numbers were yielded; however, this piece of machinery can generate up to 193 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque in its original configuration.

Lastly, the vehicle depicted in the video sports Genuine M3 bumpers front and back, as well as a collection of BBS wheels. The ride was also lowered, creating an aesthetically pleasing stance that would certainly qualify it for attendance to a StanceNation meet-up.

Creative Cars, a South African dealership, is selling these conversions. According to the classic car auctioneering company, it obtained its E30 trucks from local builders who had the aim of creating “something different.” The vehicles have been modified to suit the needs of the drivers, with unique features like off-road capabilities, increased storage space, and a more rugged look. The company has also made sure to keep the classic BMW look intact, preserving the original design while adding modern touches. Customers are sure to be impressed with the results of this creative endeavor.

There is no arguing with this, as these happen to be the only second generation E30s that can carry items like bricks and/or potted plants. As an added perk, the driver can access the interior of the truck by climbing the bed and making their way in through the sunroof.

We have encountered many truck modifications before, such as the chopped-up Mercedes G-Wagen that appeared in the Facebook marketplace of Australia. Moreover, there was the strange yet potent Volkswagen Beetle truck from Jo’s Fab Lab. Nevertheless, these E30-based versions could be the most spotless ones we have seen.

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