Early Sale of Banned Rolls-Royce Spectre Sparking Controversy

Low Mileage, High Specs: A Must-See Model at Only 99 Miles!

Rolls-Royce’s inaugural electric car is highly anticipated as one of the most luxurious vehicles to enter the market in recent times. The demand for this silent coupé is high, and if you’re not willing to wait in queue, there is an option available for purchase on Bring A Trailer currently, with a mileage of 99 miles.

Let’s discuss the Spectre, undoubtedly a remarkable vehicle. The particular specimen showcased in this presentation boasts the exclusive Launch Package priced at $22,400, offering several distinctive elements. The exterior is enhanced by 23-inch Wing Spoke wheels, an eye-catching Mandarin-colored coachline, and an illuminated grille. On the inside, you can enjoy a warm passenger surround and lit treadplates, among various other features.

The renowned brand located in Goodwood is known for providing a vast selection of 44,000 paint colors to its clientele. However, the individual responsible for choosing the specific color for this particular model has opted for a more understated hue known as Tempest Grey. Nevertheless, the Spectre remains exquisitely elegant in its appearance. It is sure to catch attention, but without drawing too much unwanted notice.

Push open the electric coach doors and a similarly modest interior awaits you. Adorned in Scivaro Grey and Charles Blue leather, the cabin of the Spectre exudes a modern yet classic vibe; in addition to advanced technology, there is also luxurious hide, soft lambswool carpeting, and elegant wood veneer.

As anticipated, the Spectre provides passengers with a state-of-the-art four-zone climate control system. It also boasts a top-of-the-line 16-speaker Bespoke Audio sound system, as well as front seats equipped with heating, ventilation, and massage capabilities. However, those in the back are limited to heated seats only. The Spectre’s adjustable air suspension allows for a smooth and luxurious ride, befitting of a Rolls. Adding to the extravagance are special features like the breathtaking Shooting Star headliner and illuminated fascia, elevating the overall experience to a whole new level.

One topic that may be considered distasteful to many Rolls-Royce owners is the discussion of power and performance numbers, but it is nonetheless important to mention here. The vehicle is equipped with twin electric motors powered by a 102-kWh battery, capable of generating 577 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque for all four wheels. With these impressive figures, the car can reach 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.

Featuring 23-inch wheels, the maximum distance the luxury EV can cover is 266 miles. However, it is estimated that the majority of customers will only drive their vehicle about 3,000-4,000 miles annually. This translates to an average Spectre driver only needing to recharge their car 10-12 times per year. Fortunately, this task will be taken care of by the butler.

The Spectre has the capability to recharge approximately 10-80% of its battery in just 35 minutes when connected to a DC charger, enabling it to embark on lengthy journeys. To enhance its range even further, the installation of a 22-inch wheel can extend its reach up to an impressive 291 miles.

It was unexpected to come across one on the market. Rolls-Royce recently announced that Spectre owners who sell their cars prematurely will be prohibited from purchasing another model. However, given the exceptional demand, the temptation of lucrative profits may have been too enticing to resist.

At its initial price of $521,650, it is noteworthy to see if it will be sold for a higher amount. With the present offer of $375,000 and a remaining duration of eight days, there is a high likelihood of that happening.

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