Eleanor Mustang Replica – 428 HP Coyote V8

Powerful V8 Gives it the Bite to Match its Look

Eleanor is generally unobtainable for the majority of society; nonetheless, a possibility exists to get a copy at quite a reasonable cost of $165,000.

Discussing iconic cinematic vehicles is always a captivating subject, and sooner or later the legendary ‘Eleanor’, the immensely stunning Shelby Mustang GT500, is invariably mentioned. The 2000 remake isn’t lauded highly, however the awe-inspiring car still enthralls automobile enthusiasts today.

Those in the market for a Mustang that is modeled after the iconic 1968 “Eleanor” model, but want the added convenience of convertible, will be overjoyed to hear that there is one currently up for sale through DuPont Registry. This attractive vehicle was meticulously restored over 4 years and now comes equipped with a shiny new 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine with an impressive 428 horsepower.

The engine is in prime condition and has exceptionally low mileage of 255 miles, as registered. By having a TCI suspension kit installed, the Mustang from this era should handle even better than it already does.

Behind the sleek, dark-colored rims, you will identify the upgraded four-piston Wilwood aftermarket brakes that should be useful due to the ample power production. An Aero Motive fuel system along with stainless braided fuel hoses have been fitted and should furnish a steady and reliable encounter.

Elsewhere, the Mustang has been treated to a rebuilt wiring assembly and Ididit’s steering column. DuPont asserted this upgrade resulted in improved responsiveness from the steering and heightened cornering proficiency. As an added bonus, energy is conveyed to the wheels utilizing a four-speed manual transmission.

At the back, you’ll stumble across a boot-mounted spoiler and a ’70s styling theme.The pinnacle of this package is undoubtedly the exterior modifications. Showcasing a Stella body kit from Mustang to Fear, this replica shares all the features of the archetypal cinema automobile. Upon closer inspection, one will notice low beam headlights, an imprinted hood scoop, as well as traditional hood pins. A lifted, trunk- mounted spoiler, as well as 70’s styling, tie it all together, making this vehicle a definite show stopper.

Matching the exterior, 18-inch alloy wheels are fitted to the front and 19-inches to the backshrouded by Michelin tires. The modified car looks magnificent in its metallic-gray paint job complemented with black racing stripes. The interior has also been remarkably reworked to mirror its exterior.

Contemporary accents don’t get in the way of the vintage aesthetic; a display is situated on the dashboard and likely provides an array of entertainment preferences. Flashes of chrome accents, combined with stretches of leather, work together to exude a luxurious essence to the interior.

Consequently, we arrive at the cost. At $165,000, it is indubitably an extravagant car – twice the expense of a brand-new, completely filled 2024 Mustang Black Stallion.

Evidently, much thought was invested in converting this ordinary convertible into a remarkable automobile. It is certain that the ideal buyer will deem it a worthy investment. Back in 2014, the prop car from the 2000 movie went for sale and achieved an extraordinary $1.1 million. This imitation without a roof appears to be a great deal comparative to that.

Following a contentious legal dispute between the widow of Toby Halicki, the person responsible for the original 1974 movie, as well as the Shelby Trust, a court consenting that the sundry vehicles labeled Eleanor in Halicki’s films did not have rights to character copyright protection gave authorization for the selling of the Eleanor Mustangs.

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