Experience a ’67 Eleanor Mustang Like Nic Cage

Certified Eleanor Recreation: Find Your New Home

Arguably, the 2000 remake of the 1974 classic Gone in 60 Seconds has secured its Shelby GT500 – Eleanor – as one of the most iconic Mustangs in recent history. This fame may have been increased by the latest legal turmoil surrounding the replicas. Today, you have the chance to possess a verified re-creation of the cinematic car through Mecum Auctions.

The 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, from which this gloriously refurbished piece hails, is an impressive sight to behold – both inside and out. This splendid recreation brilliantly pays homage to its cinematic doppelganger.

One of the remarkable characteristics of this particular item is its legitimate authorization as an Eleanor, full with a certificate from Eleanor Licensing LLC. Also, it is licensed with genuine Eleanor paperwork, an Eleanor body VIN plate, and badges that have been granted by Gone in 60 Seconds LLC, ensuring that it is an exact replica.

Beneath the bonnet, rests a muscled 429 cubic inch V8 motor that has been expertly put together by Waynes Engines from Riverside, California. This engine affirms cutting-edge Fast 2.0 EFI self-learning computerized fuel injection, Downdraft eight-stack short intake, aluminum heads, in addition to a four-speed top-loader manual transmission with an 11-inch clutch and a Hurst shifter for dynamic shifting.

The attention to detail in this “Eleanor” build is astounding. It has been through a comprehensive nut and bolt rotisserie restoration and custom conversion, resulting in an impressive Pepper Gray Metallic two-stage paint finish with black rally stripes. The engine bay and undercarriage have been given meticulous attention and clear-coated to perfection.

It incorporates a double side exhaust system with headers, 2.5 inch tubes, as well as electronically operated breaks to produce that iconic sound. The reworked four-link back suspension and advanced coil sole spring system front and rear bestow it with improved maneuverability not presented in its original shape, whereas the 4-wheel disc brakes give desirable stopping ability.

This Eleanor is not just about looks and potency; it also provides current facilities. It includes modern air conditioning, an automated trunk opener, and a personalized center console. The inside is ornamented with Gone in 60 Seconds stitching on the chairs and shows an Retro Sound stereo with Bluetooth connectivity.

The modern, retro-looking Velocity instruments have been fitted to the standard factory dashboard and a one-of-a-kind Vintage wood-rimmed steering wheel provides a touch of true nostalgia. Additionally, the signature of renowned Carroll Shelby has been placed on the passenger side.

Possessing such an iconic auto is indeed a fortunate event for its acquirer, and now they receive an extra bonus – a 40×30 inch professionally framed exhibition containing the principal film poster and genuine signatures of main actors Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, titled ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

For the aficionado of Gone in 60 Seconds, this auction cannot be missed. Do not make the error of passing it up; it is too precious and important to disregard it.

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