duPont, Hagerty Team Up for New Luxury Auto Insurance

Unparalleled Insurance for High-End Cars

MIAMI (Nov. 2, 2023) – DuPont REGISTRY Group, a premier provider of the leading luxury ecosystem for top-tier automotive living, has declared the initiation of duPont REGISTRY Insurance, a certified insurance agency. The first-class automotive insurance branch furnishes superior protection and exceptional service to upscale car proprietors via products provided by Hagerty (NYSE: HGTY).

The duPont REGISTRY Group has now presented the public with their brand-new service: duPont REGISTRY Insurance. This business is tailored to serve the insurance requirements of the classic car industry, granting customers low cost rates through their cooperation with Hagerty and other distinct advantages.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of Americans acquiring luxury vehicles, and a lot of these owners have gone through the hassle of safeguarding their cars. Locating coverage can be difficult, high-priced and riddled with service that doesn’t comprehend the high-end vehicle market or offer the quality experience they desire, reported Antoine Tessier, CEO of duPont REGISTRY Group. “Nobody in the sector knows this market or how to provide the elevated services that affluent consumers expect like we do. We built duPont REGISTRY Insurance to deliver tailored attention to our customers and other luxury car admirers. The staff will work to ensure they acquire the highest grade protection at the best rates around while giving unparalleled support for their passionate lifestyle.”

Connecting with Hagerty, duPont REGISTRY Insurance is capable of furnishing insurance across the whole country. Further advantages comprise of a complimentary edition of duPont REGISTRY magazine, no-cost listings on for vehicle insured by duPont REGISTRY Insurance, and further benefits as well.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with duPont REGISTRY and its luxurious patrons,” proclaimed Derek Prechtl, the Senior Vice President of Sales for Hagerty in North America. “Defending and gauging expensive cars necessitates savvy. We possess the insight, expertise, and unparalleled customer service that these vehicle owners merit.”

Owners of luxury vehicles are not desirous of the speediest insurance option. As an alternative, they seek assurance, clarity and a personalized service, and this association was created to give exactly that,” Tessier attests.

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