Electric Boxster Spotted Testing with Decoy Exhaust in Porsche’s Latest Move

Spacious charging port with a sturdy door.

Due to stricter cybersecurity regulations, Porsche is discontinuing the 718 model in European markets. Fans of the popular sports car can rest assured that its all-electric replacement is set to debut in 2025. In anticipation of its arrival, spy shots have revealed the zero-emission Boxster undergoing winter trials in Scandinavia. Although some prototypes feature finished headlights and taillights, it is evident that the center exhaust tip is not yet finalized.

It has become a comical tradition in Zuffenhausen, as both the sedan and wagon prototypes of the Taycan were spotted with them prior to the official unveiling of the electric vehicles. Similarly, during its testing phase, the Macan EV was also observed with faux exhausts. It is not improbable that when testing commences on the confirmed three-row electric SUV and Cayenne EV, they too will feature this same arrangement.

2025 Porsche 983 Boxster EV Prototype With Production Lights Spied Again Winter Testing

Despite the stereotypical lack of German humor, it is hard to miss the substantial charging door positioned in the middle of the back bumper. Typically, electric vehicle owners charge their batteries from one side of the car, but this will not be the case for the upcoming Boxster model. Porsche has taken a different approach with their other models, with the Taycan featuring dual charging ports on the front fenders and the Macan having a pair on the rear fenders. While it is difficult to confirm due to the clever camouflage on the prototypes, it appears that the next generation 718 will only offer one charging port.

The upcoming 718, possibly known internally as the “983,” may still be referred to as the “Boxster” despite not featuring a boxer engine. This decision is not unexpected, as seen with the Taycan Turbo not actually having a turbocharger. Porsche is adamant about keeping these iconic names alive even in the age of electric vehicles.

The upcoming electric sports car will maintain its convertible top, two-seater design, and front compartment, however, it will have a revamped model underneath the exterior. It is likely to incorporate components from the advanced Premium Platform Electric (PPE) system created in collaboration by Porsche and Audi. There are rumors of both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variations equipped with either a single or dual motor arrangement. The Boxster model is slated for release first, with the Cayman coupe expected to follow shortly after.

The recently launched electric Macan comes with a lithium-ion battery pack that holds 95 kWh of energy. However, Porsche is considering reducing its size for the Boxster and Cayman models to minimize the weight burden. Customers in the market for a sports car are often willing to compromise on range for enhanced performance. And if the upcoming 718 utilizes the crossover’s 800-volt structure, it will also have the capability to support DC charging at 270 kW.

Do not anticipate a major redesign as Porsche leans towards gradual progress rather than drastic changes. Nevertheless, the interior of the current model is starting to display signs of wear, prompting sightings of its successor with an updated dashboard. Along with larger display screens, these prototypes boast touch-sensitive buttons on the central console for regulating temperature and activating heated and cooled seating.

The upcoming 718 models will only be available with electric power, but the current Boxster and Cayman will continue to be sold. While these beloved vehicles are being gradually phased out in the European Union, they will still be available in other parts of the world. Porsche has not announced a specific timeline for when they will discontinue the traditional gas-powered versions, but they will coexist alongside the new electric models for a period of time. This is also the case for the previous and upcoming Macan models.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube

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