Electric Fun: Audi’s EP4 Restomod E-Tron

3D Printed Audi A1 e-tron NSU Prinz

At the Audi facility situated in Germany – responsible for manufacturing some of the company’s superior and performance models – something novel has been unveiled. Audi resorted to granting its apprentices the task to come up with something remarkable. As a consequence, an exceptional restomod race car, dubbed as ‘EP4’, was developed.

The mission to breathe new life into the NSU Prinz 4 is underway, aiming to combine the storied history of this classic car with electric innovation for the present. From the brand that was once absorbed by the Volkswagen Group, the attempted transformation of the iconic rides through electricity is sure to be an experience to remember.

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the esteemed local, modern architecture and engineering have come together to re-energize a traditional emblem. This fresh and stylish marvel races by at speed!

In January, Audi’s apprentices embarked on the task and now, on July 8th, the EP4 has been unveiled in all its glory, radiating an avant-garde impression. The blocky saloon silhouette of the NSU is recognizable in a multitude of features surrounding this high-performance automobile.

There is plenty of impressive features to admire about the EP4. LED illumination in the front, inspired by the Prinz, combined with the yellow-accented vents and air intakes create an appearance resembling that of a rally car.

This snazzy ride boasts slick racing tires around, together with a prominently painted yellow roll cage within. According to the press release, the team started off with the floor pan of an Audi A1 before stretching out and expanding it; they then eliminated any rust and used up-to-date 3D printing techniques to construct certain parts of the sturdier exterior, such as the fenders.

Surprisingly, the back wing is connected directly to the roll cage inside the car (through the back window). This has a creative, unique design that is truly remarkable.

The Audi A1 offered its brakes, axles and probably also the suspension parts; yet not its engine. Considering this was a task involving electric power, the “battery from a plug-in hybrid Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro” was put into effect.

Housed in the trunk of the vintage Volkswagen Prinz was a 30 horsepower two-cylinder engine, yet now stands a 240 horsepower Audi e-tron electric motor. Taking into account this performance vehicle’s dimensions and the employment of lightweight composites for certain components, it should boast remarkable velocity. Audi has not yet divulged any numbers, however, they will likely give speed demons the opportunity to take it for spin on some racing circuits soon.

Audi’s range of electrified vehicles prominently bear the ‘e-tron’ nameplate, from crossovers up to the opulent grand tourer, the RS e-tron GT with an implausible 637 hp.

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