Electric Halo: Genesis Developing High-Performance Cars

Challenging Rivals: Brand’s Cars

Genesis is aiming to up the ante when it comes to high-performance EVs, with the goal of taking on its European and American competitors. Autocar recently sat with Mark Choi to discuss the venture, and he confirmed that they are not intending to merely borrow from Hyundai and Kia – cognisant of the fact that they will have to stand out if they truly want to challenge. It’s not enough to just use the Sonata as a base; even though the new model looks fairly impressive.

The X concepts that the brand has unveiled in recent years will be the “genesis” of the cars, a reflection of which can already be seen on models such as the G80 and GV70. It is highly likely that they will be produced as halo models for the brand. These halo models will be truly remarkable, as the X Convertible and X Speedium are two of the most stunning concepts ever created.

“We’ve had great feedback [regarding the models],” Choi shared, “and we’re looking into it. The next steps are to determine if it’s feasible to produce them, given the flush panels and shapes that make it challenging.” He added that if the brand has already decided to manufacture the cars, then it’s simply a matter of time and resources to figure out the engineering.

The fruit of all that labor is going to be EVs that will rival nearly any brand and give luxury vehicle buyers what they desire, but not too much. “We want to differentiate ourselves on the more powerful side,” Choi said, but also made it clear that there won’t be an N division equal for Genesis. “We are not interested in a high-performance sub-brand or anything like that, but we do discuss developing ‘effortless’ powertrains – enough power to be pleasurable in all situations, and which fulfills the luxury experience.”

It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any sensational achievements or statistics soon by this brand. Even though all car manufacturers are now adopting electric technology, providing increased speed and strength, what we’re primarily seeing is that kind of stuff; the sort of news stories which grab attention and draw crowds to showrooms. But electricity in cars offers a whole lot more than that.

Electricity is the perfect platform for luxury vehicles, and this is evident in almost every way. It is effortless and silent, with no soot or vibrations to detract from the ‘luxury’ experience. Genesis is taking full advantage of this technology, focusing on the finer details that will make their cars stand out. They are creating a vehicle that is truly luxurious, with all the modern amenities and features that you would expect. From the interior design to the exterior styling, it’s clear that Genesis is committed to delivering an unparalleled driving experience.

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