Lamborghini Huracan: 30,000 LEDs and World’s Most Distracting Car

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Alex Choi has embraced the most fashionable Christmas trend of the season with his latest invention – a Lamborghini Huracan that is adorned in 30,000 light-emitting diodes.

Choi is recognisable for commencing and continuing style trends, as previously demonstrated when his McLaren 720S was ornamented with Christmas lights, putting viewers in a joyous and frolicking atmosphere. In comparison to this though, Choi has raised the bar with his Lamborghini Huracan – the LEDs furnished to the car can alter their hue and are even capable of replicating the design on Las Vegas Sphere itself.

Choi omitted many specifics regarding the synchronization of the light-emitting diodes, though it is apparently an intricate system that necessitates a laptop and other electronic devices to operate and control the entire mechanism.

The World’s Most Distracting Car (30,000 LED’s on a LAMBO)

Many of the LED lights are affixed to the Lamborghini’s exterior and wing, apart from some sections at the back. Additionally, an abundance of wiring allows the car to be lit up, plus it houses at least two extra batteries. While Choi has become renowned for his wild rides and imaginative stunts, even his cars tend to be extravagantly designed. This Lambo enhanced with LEDs could actually be considered rather docile compared to the hiked-up rally version of a Huracan, which went viral and is still remembered today as one of his most daring works.

To commemorate the acquisition of his Lamborghini illuminated assembly, Choi posted an invite on Instagram to all those with a Christmas luminous assembly mounted on their ride.

Approximately twenty people attended Choi’s gathering; they convened at a secluded mountain spot to witness the Lamborghini being shown off with all its amazing LED radiance (after failing at first).

Subsequent to the great exposure, they proceeded to film a YouTube video featuring Choi performing “donuts” in his illuminated Lamborghini encircled by the other automobiles boasting their festive luminous decor. He then allowed the other participants to do donuts within the circle to flaunt their construction and artistry. Evidently, this wasn’t going to be the terminating point for the LED Lamborghini, as another one might be in the process of being crafted, likely to be even more outrageous and radiant than before.

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