Electric Honda Supercar: Acura NSX Revived in 2 Years?

Newly Launched 0 Series: Top-Tier Honda Variant Takes the Lead

The CEO of Honda, Toshihiro Mibe, has officially stated that the company is currently working on creating electric sports cars. In fact, an initial model has already been created at their R&D facility, with the potential to be a successor to the all-electric NSX.

According to Mibe, there is limited information available at the moment, but he confirmed that progress on the project is “continuously moving forward.” The chief executive officer also revealed that the upcoming electric vehicle with a sporty edge will offer a “distinctive flavor” unlike any other performance car previously released by the brand, hinting at an innovative and groundbreaking driving experience.

Honda is carefully considering the development of their upcoming sports car and is currently assessing the market for EV sports cars. This could potentially result in a battery-powered replacement for the S2000 roadster. According to Mibe, who spoke with Autocar, the decision on whether to mass produce the vehicle and its release date has not yet been determined. However, he personally hopes to see it come to fruition.

According to reports, the rumored star of the electric 0 Series will be the top-of-the-line electric performer. The anticipated release date for this series is 2026, and it is set to debut with a sedan and minivan, with plans for a new sports car in the future. While these models will bear the fresh Honda emblem, there is a possibility that the successor to the NSX may be branded as an Acura upon its potential arrival in the US market.

The upcoming 0 Series models from Honda will bear little resemblance to their existing electric cars. Honda is aiming to enhance the battery’s performance and efficiency, even with a smaller battery capacity. Not only will this be beneficial for the environment, but it will also reduce the weight of the sports car, resulting in a more pleasurable driving experience. While for a high-powered supercar, this may not be as crucial, if the speculations about an electric S2000 are true, compact batteries would demonstrate their value particularly in a budget-friendly, nimble convertible.

One notable feature is that a smaller battery will create more room in the interior. Honda’s goal is to achieve fast charging times, with 15-80% of the battery being recharged in under 15 minutes.

In the previous year, Acura introduced the Electric Vision Design Study, which may offer a glimpse into the potential of an electric NSX in the future. Despite no formal confirmation, various executives have alluded to the possibility of the next NSX being entirely electric. Jon Ikeda, Vice President of Acura, did not explicitly confirm a new NSX model, but expressed confidence by stating, “I would bet on it” and adding, “it’s going to be electric.”

In an announcement, Honda has expressed their dedication to high-performance cars and has promised that the Type R label will continue to thrive in the era of electric vehicles, utilizing solid-state battery technology. Considering Honda’s commitment to preserving the Type R legacy, it is unlikely that they would ever forsake one of their most esteemed brands. Furthermore, with the revival of the Prelude model, there is even more incentive for Honda to resurrect other beloved names from its past. An electric version of the NSX could serve as an ideal weapon in competing against Toyota and their upcoming competitor. Food for thought.

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