Electric Luxury SUV: Nio ET9 Challenges Maybach

Luxurious ET9: Rapidly Charging 4-Seat Executive Cabin

China-based firm Nio has revealed its highest-end vehicle to date, the ET9, an electric coupe-crossover that is set to be launched in 2025. It offers Chinese buyers a local option instead of vehicles such as the Lucid Air and the EQS SUV, both aimed at customers interested in Maybach motor cars.

The striking ET9 boasts an elongated and tapered ‘landjet’ look, measuring in at 208 inches in length with a 128-inch ultra-long wheelbase – effectively 8 inches longer compared to the ET7 saloon car. Its eye-catching design amalgamates that of a regular automobilistic sedan and Sports Utility Vehicle, fitting onto exclusive 23-inch wheels with up to 8 inches of ground clearance.

NIO ET9 | The Smart Electric Executive Flagship

The luxurious interior of this cabin offers a four-seat format and in the center, there is an “Executive Bridge” for four unusual executive suites. The later back chairs can be electrically modified up to eighteen ways and slump back to 45 degrees, where you can stay entertained by screens 14.5 inches wide fitted onto the facade of the leading chairs. There is also a foldable table kept in the middle armrest and a 10-litre mini refrigerator for your first-class comfort.

Ultrawide sunshades, featuring two autonomous sunshields at the top or ‘Heavenly Isle,’ can be closed within five seconds, sheltering commuters in undeviating shadow and confidentiality.

Nio has built a fresh 900-volt power structure for the ET9, enabling 600kW battery refuelling which the manufacturer states can furnish 159 miles of range in only a mere 5 minutes.

The integration of two all-new electric power sources provides a combined rate of around 520 kW, amounting to system power that’s close to 700 hp. Sitting in the back is the original 925-volt W-Pin motor featuring a capability of up to 340 kW, reaching as much as 20,000 rpm. Meanwhile, the front consists of a high-capacity induction motor delivering as much as 180 kW.

A replaceable 120 kW lithium-ion battery is the source of electric power. Nio facilitates exchangeable, rechargeable and upgradable batteries; being able to switch out batteries only takes three minutes.

The ET9 features a novel chassis with advanced high-tensile steel, aluminum, magnesium, and composite materials. It is also equipped with an active rear wing, the revolutionary SkyRide suspension sysstem, steer-by-wire technology (which happens to be Nio’s first) together with rear-wheel steering.

Nio contends that the ET9 has introduced a revolutionary 5nm automobile-rated integrated circuit featuring 32 processor cores with the capability of executing over 6 trillion directions every second.

ET9 reaps the rewards due to Nio Assisted and Intelligent Driving (NAD) and Navigate on Pilot Plus (NOP+), cutting-edge assisted driving features that allow for self-driving capabilities.

It is possible to pre-purchase the ET9 starting at a cost of RMB800,000: equivalent to almost $112,000 using this age’s money values.

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