Enhanced Aero and Streamlined Design for the Mugen Honda Civic Type R

New Group A aero kit now offered for FL5 by tuning company.

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your current-model Honda Civic Type R, Mugen is prepared to help. The tuning company from Japan displayed modified Civics with new equipment at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year, and now many of those enhancements can be purchased.

The latest additions consist mainly of an aero package including a striking front lip spoiler, trims for the corner intakes on the front fascia, side sills, a rear under spoiler, and a larger wing at the top. The new single-exit exhaust tip positioned square in the center is hard to overlook, but this will be part of a future exhaust enhancement. The 19-inch Mugen wheels are designed both for the front and back in collaboration with BBS.

These modifications are not simply for looks. Mugen claims that the FL5 Type R gains a 25 percent increase in downforce with all components installed, while the wheels reduce weight by 22 pounds in total. Given that the vehicle is currently the quickest front-wheel-drive production car at the Nürburgring, it would be fascinating to witness the performance of the Mugen-enhanced version.

Upon entering the interior, there are additional enhancements worth noting. Some features, such as the Alcantara gearshift knob and Mugen floor mats, are primarily for aesthetic purposes. The carbon center console helps reduce weight slightly, along with the strongly bolstered MS-C front seats.

Mugen’s inventory consists of enhanced shock absorbers and two varieties of high-performance brake pads – one designed for sports applications and the other tailored for competition. The brake pads are slated for release at the end of July, while the shock absorbers are currently in stock. The sizeable rear spoiler will not hit the market until September, and the wheels are expected to be available in August. As for the single-tip exhaust system, it is still in the testing phase with no specific timeline for when it will be ready for purchase.

Mugen components are specifically crafted for cars in the Japanese market, however, the company collaborates with distributors globally. The front lip spoiler, side skirts, and rear under spoiler can be purchased separately from King Motorsports by customers in the US, costing a combined total of $2,065 for all three pieces.

Source: Mugen


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