Mugen-ified Civic Type R: Better Than Perfect

Preparing Parts for Honda Civic Type R

Mugen boasts over half a century worth of knowledge in engine overhauling and racing sport. For the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon event that started on January 12th and lasts until 14, the brand presented two modified Honda Civic Type R vehicles, featuring stunningly redecorated body and slightly enhanced operation.

Mugen has dubbed two altered Honda Civic Type R models as Group A and B respectively. A single picture of each model is at present revealed, although a clip contains extra facts regarding every flavor.

The Set A bundle is the softer of the two. Mugen has incorporated a more daring front splitter and conduited a crisper outline to the front corner inlets. Additionally, the side sills have been modified and the rear wing distinctively altered. Although this image does not show it, the rear bumper was also restyled in some way. All things combined, this likely resembles something Honda would put out as a fabrication Type R edition.

The Group B kit takes things a step further. It features the same front splitter and side inlets as the Group A, but with the addition of a carbon-fiber hood with numerous vents and slits. The top of the front fenders have been fitted with additional openings to allow air to escape from the wheel wells, while broad side sills give the sides of the car a more aggressive look. Out back, you’ll find a tall wing and a modified bumper, creating a classic “tuner car” look that brings back memories of modded Civics from the early 2000s.

These builds are not just about exterior design; Mugen has employed the help of computational fluid dynamics to fine-tune them in order to bolster the aerodynamic performance of the Honda Civic Type R.

Mugen are broadening the appeal of the Type R with a variety of aesthetic enhancements, but also, they are embracing its speed potential through performance-oriented components. In particular, the Group A acquires a stainless steel exhaust and fresh brake pads, while the higher-spec’d Group B takes this one step further with titanium pipes, as well as new calipers and rotors. The two trim levels also feature different BBS-crafted 19-inch forged wheels and updated dampers.

Within, the modified Civic Type Rs contain a revamped steering wheel with the Mugen logo at its lower position, along with comfortable bucket-style seats, a new shifting knob, and carbon fiber accents on the middle console.

Mugen shall disclose the cost of these parts at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Additionally, we can gain an improved glimpse of the cars to perceive just how drastically the body kits change the Type R’s aesthetics.

CIVIC TYPE R用 無限パーツ開発情報公開

Sources: Mugen, Honda

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