EVs With Illumination Shows: Lincoln Models

New Bold Design of Future Lincoln Cars.

CarBuzz has uncovered that Ford Global Technologies has recently acquired a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its vision of illuminated fascias on both the front and back features of an automobile, previewing its hidden lighting technology for prospective cars. The photographs show something from the Lincoln brand’s selection, all slated to have some type of electrification by 2030.

The up-to-date Lincoln Navigator is already showing its logo on the midsection of its nose, however this patent plans to throw light across the complete grille, or for electric vehicles, the segment between the leading lights which would ordinarily take the form of a grille. To put into practice, it may come close to resembling the front of the L100 Model Concept.

The patent outlines a concept wherein the source of illumination – be it one LED, an LED strip, different colored LEDs, UV charging strips, or a combination – would be adequately concealed behind an applique cover, not surpassing its confines. This is achieved in order to guard the light source from destruction and dirt, as well as for reflectors to spread the light across the grille.

Though this patent does not signify something unheard-of, there are numerous interesting scenarios in which this system could be utilized. One option is if the decorative trim uses persistent phosphorescing material combined with UV charging LED strips, enabling the car’s exterior to exude light even after powering off the vehicle. Previously, around a year ago, Ford applied for legal protection of illuminated fenders that double as storage containers.

The document continues to explain that this could emit illumination of varied shades as well as angles (particularly, white light towards the front, and red light towards the back). Installation of RGB LED’s allows users to personalize their car’s grille with desired colors using both a mobile app and the in-vehicle infotainment system. This panel can also complete typical automotive duties such as an additional DRL or extend the wheel turn signal indicators. Additional tasks like brake lights, reversing lamps, emergency flashers are all able to be accomplished through this technology.

An alternative suggestion is that the system could use light to provide confirmation: “For example, when a user locks the vehicle, the light source could flash three times in a red hue, and then transition to a color [of the user’s choice],” according to the patent. It also specifically mentions a type of light show similar to that of a Tesla.

Utilizing the lighting system as a welcome feature is a clear and novel way this system could be used, but it could also serve as a reminder when you leave the car. According to the documentation: “When you turn off the vehicle and exit, a farewell feature will be activated. If the key fob is left in the car and the car is locked [via keyless entry system, an app, or the SecuriCode keypad], the light source will blink between red and white and the horn of the car will sound until the key fob is taken out of the car.”

The system is touted to be “scalable,” and the design “flexible for rear applique covers,” indicating that it could be used on future production vehicles. Moreover, the system could be adapted to traditional grilles, implying that we may see its use on hybrid Lincolns or gas-powered Fords as well.

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