Exchange Your Vehicle for a Tesla and Receive 5,000 Free Supercharging Miles

Don’t Miss Out: Limited Time Offer Expires This Month!

Tesla has recently introduced a time-sensitive promotion that may assist in your choice to purchase an electric vehicle from the Texas-headquartered company and reduce your expenses. Those who trade in their current car for a fresh Tesla are in for a special treat – 5,000 miles of Supercharging credits, as stated on the official Tesla website.

To be eligible, the purchaser must receive a new Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y by March 31, 2024. This promotion is a considerable motivation for individuals contemplating the transition to Tesla, particularly with the organization’s growing and enhancing Supercharger infrastructure that enables effortless long-distance journeys.

It is important to take note of some key details. The 5,000 miles of complimentary fast charging will expire two years after the vehicle’s delivery date. The deadline for this offer has been firmly established as March 31, and no exceptions will be made. Additionally, the Supercharging credits are linked to the individual’s Tesla account, meaning they cannot be transferred if the car changes ownership.

There are some notable exceptions to the promotion. Transactions involving pre-owned vehicles, corporate transactions, and vehicles utilized for commercial purposes are not eligible for this offer. Additionally, returns of leased Tesla vehicles will not qualify. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the Cybertruck, which is expected to be delivered to owners only through referral credits, will be included in the promotion by March 31.

With an optimistic outlook, Tesla’s trade-in program can be utilized in conjunction with other current deals. It’s noteworthy that Tesla welcomes trade-ins from various manufacturers, whether they operate on gas or electricity – except for motorcycles, RVs, commercial vehicles, or non-functioning non-Tesla vehicles.

Tesla has previously provided supercharging credits in an effort to entice potential customers. In the year 2022, the electric vehicle manufacturer granted a bonus of 10,000 miles of complimentary supercharging to those who received their new Teslas before the year’s end. Additionally, the company has also periodically offered costless supercharging to its current clientele.

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