Explore Nissan’s Refreshing Sedan Lineup Amidst SUV Craze

Epoch and Evo defy trends by highlighting the continued relevance of sedans.

The Auto China 2024 exhibition in Beijing is currently underway, and it’s refreshing to see that it isn’t solely focused on crossovers and SUVs. Following Mazda’s introduction of a rear-wheel drive electric 6, Nissan has unveiled two sedans of its own at the show. The Epoch is an all-electric model, whereas the Evo is a plug-in hybrid, distinct from Mitsubishi’s rally-inspired sedan.

In a joint effort with Dongfeng Motor, Nissan has unveiled new sedan concepts that are set to become a reality despite being initially labeled as concepts. Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida emphasized during the presentation that the vehicles are “very close to reality” due to the ongoing development process. The Epoch is scheduled to hit the market within the next year, while the Evo will follow later on.

The two sedans seem to be alike in dimension, however, we believe the Evo stands out with its bold design featuring a sloping roofline and a more attractive rear. Nissan has revealed only the interior of the Evo, which follows a minimalist style similar to Tesla by integrating all controls into a sizable tablet-like screen. In contrast to the Model 3, there is also a digital instrument cluster present, slightly larger than what is typically seen in the industry.

Although branded with the Evo name that evokes images of high-performance sedans, Nissan describes it as a vehicle “ideal for weekend getaways and making memorable moments with the entire family.” The two models will be competing in a competitive market where many automakers in China continue to provide a wide range of sedan options. A notable contender is the recently launched Volkswagen Passat Pro, a sedan model exclusive to the Chinese market.

Naturally, Nissan took advantage of the chance to display a pair of SUVs at the Auto China exhibition. The electric Apex and plug-in hybrid Epoch share the design concept with the two sedans and are set to be available for purchase in the coming three years. The Apex features two-way charging, whereas the Epoch is equipped with air suspension, anti-gravity seats, and all-wheel drive.

Source: Nissan

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