Family BBQ Yule Log: A Lasting Reminder.

Reunite with the F&F Family This Holiday.
Fast & Furious Yule Log | 1 Hour BBQ With The Fast Family

Looking for an alternative to the usual holiday festivities spent with your lacklustre relatives? Have a yen to socialize with car-obsessed folk who can relate to you more? The Fast Saga has got what you need: A Yule Log thats been based on the very same cookout featured in the initial movie!

Every winter, the web devises original and unmatched ways to air the Yule Log – a simulated fireplace created to appear on TVs for extensive periods of time for those lacking the capabilities to burn timber at home. Yet, the one from Fast & Furious’ YouTube channel simply is the best.

The video, which goes on for an hour, kicks off with the renowned scene from the initial Fast installment, where the original team congregates around a backyard table as Dominic Toretto grills some extremely scrumptious-looking chicken. After roughly 15 seconds, it transitions to a still shot of the sizzling BBQ, releasing smoke and echoing noises similar to any traditional Yule Log clip.

What follows is an hour of charred chicken wings, with nobody monitoring the barbeque or ensuring that the food has not been overheated. Frequently, the tranquil sounds of the fire are ruined by snippets of dialogue from the movie.

“Money will come and go, we know that,” Torretto states about 55 seconds in, presumably just beyond the camera’s view. “The most essential thing in life will forever be the individuals in this space, right here, right at this moment.”

“You’ve heard me say ‘never turn your back on family’,” Torretto states firmly in the middle of the lengthy video. “And I’m deeply grateful to you all for standing by me and never turning your back.”

One’s biological relatives beckon invitingly, but we acknowledge that we’ll be ringing in the yuletide with our adopted clan.

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