Farmer Drives Ford & Chevy to Save Farm from Flood

Submerging Chevy Silverado & Ford F-150 to Stop Flooding

Immense flooding in California, spurred by high levels of rainfall, necessitated a farmer to take drastic measures and drive their pickup trucks into an impaired levee to prevent water from entering a nearby community.

A rupture in the base of Tulare Lake caused an explosive release of water across the destroyed levee, putting rural and residential properties at risk. Instantly, this one individual acted by allocating their reliable rigs to try and stop the breach by submerging them.

Posting it to Twitter, a video was shared that revealed an aging Chevrolet Silverado with its cargo bed overloaded, clearly as an additional weight. The owner set the mechanism in motion, turning on the drive before leaving the car to its fate. With the V8 revving, the Chevy truck headed off the embankment and tumbled into the body of water, joining another Ford F-150 who had made the same plunge earlier.

The issue they confronted was being depicted in the following picture –

As indicated by Cannon Michael, the originator of the video, his novel notion manifestly succeeded.

Many have raised concerns about the environmental implications of this plan, due to the potential for oil and gasoline from the trucks to pollute the water. Michael responded, “It’s not a course of action I would have chosen, but the water is spilling onto their land. I’m sure they considered other alternatives. It’s an unfortunate situation, but when you need to act fast, there’s no one else around to help.”

The skeptics amongst us may view this as a type of insurance scam, yet Michael has assured that the farmer will recuperate the trucks when viable and has no intentions to submit any insurance demands. We doubt they would have consented this to be captured on video if they had designed to exploit the system.

For all of those who have been critical, and the skeptics – this is what we are seeing now – trees safeguarded as well as the neighbouring community. #cawater #flood #cawx #extraordinarymeasures #agriculture

“Michael added that he is an ‘upstanding member of his community’ and was ‘doing his best to protect his investment and local residents’,” Michael said.

The evidence of the harm a flood is capable of inflicting on a car is evident, thus it appears likely that these trucks will not survive this set of events. The last report indicated that the pickups were successful in restraining the rising waters, yet more water was observed to be entering the reservoir.

As indicated by Michael, an increased quantity of soil will have to be applied in order to maintain the supporting structures that exist temporarily. Curiously, using vehicles for sustaining the levees around Lake Tulare is not a remarkable idea. Citing a 1997 article released in the Los Angeles Times, Car And Driver stated that wasted automobiles were used to reinforce the levees when floods occurred back in 1969.

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