2025 Chevy Silverado EV to Receive Tesla’s NACS Port

Electric Pickups Arrive, Tesla Adapter Required

Officially, General Motors does not anticipate that the just-released Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup will be furnished with Tesla’s North American Charging Standard plug before the 2025 model year, as per Reuters.

It has been reported that the initial run of the 2024 Silverado electric pickup is now being produced at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility. Delivering to fleets should begin in a few weeks’ time.

As the initial GM automobile to commence manufacture subsequent to the pact with Tesla being publicized in early June, perchance a few patrons had looked forward to observing the NACS intake previously installed on the Silverado, however this isn’t accurate.

The cooperation between General Motors and Tesla, which will sanction owners of GM-built electric vehicles to charge at the in excess of 12,000 Supercharger locations all over the US and Canada, declares that compatible cars will attain admittance to Tesla’s system beginning early 2024 with the aid of an adapter, and starting from the following year, GM will establish the NACS inlet directly to its autos straight away from the manufacturer.

The Silverado is not exempt from this statement, which was made clear by GM’s Energy representative Derek Sequeira at the truck’s unveiling. He stated that charging adapters aren’t expected to be available until the beginning of 2024.

Customers of the 2024 Chevy Silverado won’t differ from proprietors of a Ford F-150 Lightning or drivers of Rivian R1T, who will all have to utilize an adapter to connect with one of Tesla’s Superchargers until the year 2025. This stems from Ford and Rivian coming to a concordance with the developer of the Model S and Model Y, allowing access to a great DC fast charging system that has made it to the top in countrywide reliability every year, with nearly foolproof yearly uptime.

Right now, it’s uncertain when Chevrolet will introduce the 2025 model year or when it will become available to buy, however, if we were to make a prediction, likely in the latter part of the coming year.

Stirring up the pot, it has been reported that the entry-priced $40K Chevy Silverado EV has met its demise, much to the surprise of Tom Moloughney who discovered this truth at a press conference a few days ago. This consequently means that the least costly electric Silverado will set back buyers a pricey $74,800 for the soon-to-be-produced 3WT trim level that will be tailored towards fleets.

At this juncture, production of the Silverado EV 4WT fleet version has already begun and it will cost $79,800 upfront. Meanwhile, come autumn, the high-end specification of Silverado EV RST is ready for retail customers at a price tag of $106,895.

Chevy executives have provided a bit of sweet comfort, guaranteeing that more affordable models of the electric vehicle will be obtainable by next year. These variants will be cost-conscious, although no precise prices were announced during this time.

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Source: General Motors via Reuters

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