Fernando’s Enzo Fails Monaco Auction [UPDATE]

Number One Body: Scocca

As the first Ferrari Enzo with a direct tie to Formula 1, expectations were high that this car would find a new owner. Accordingly, news from Aston Martin F1 Updates on Twitter claimed the public auction of Fernando Alonso’s Enzo commenced with an initial price-tag of 4.2 million euros, yet sadly finished without a successful sale. Monaco Car Auctions has subsequently substantiated this fact, yet neither further explained the original asking price nor even afforded more specifics on bid levels.

This extraordinary vehicle can be discussed here. It is quite extraordinary and has excellent features that bring a lot of benefits. This automobile is special, featuring the latest in technology and design. The engine has plenty of power to surpass daily challenges with ease. Its components are made of high-grade quality materials, thus giving the car a durable frame and a luxurious finish. The driving experience it offers is nothing short of perfect; it provides smooth acceleration, tight cornering, and incredibly responsive braking. ThisSpecific automobile has been crafted to give its drivers comfort and safety while travelling a pleasure on long journeys. All these features make this automobile very special indeed.

Fernando Alonso, an experienced driver of Formula One, possesses a unique Ferrari Enzo with its initial configuration labelled as Scocca n.1. He is exhibiting it up for auction at the Monaco Car Auctions L’AstaRossa occasion taking place on June 8th. This remarkable automobile is anticipated to surpass $5.36 million (5 million euros).

Alonso’s Enzo comes adorned in the timeless shade of Rosso Corsa and comes with Ferrari Classiche’s Red Book – a certificate which guarantees its credentials to the original specs. Furthermore, it features Scocca n.1 and possesses only 2,983 miles (4,800 kilometers) on its odometer.

Alonso raced with the Scuderia Ferrari team from 2010 until 2014. The carmaker created the Enzo from 2002 till 2004. It’s unspecified in the auction description how he managed to obtain this extraordinary example of the supercar.

The Enzo possessed an exterior that summoned memories of a Formula One vehicle. This posh ride was outfitted with a 6.0-liter V12 engine, generating 651 horsepower at 7,800 rpm without the need for a blower. The transmission was a six-speed automated manual and Ferrari only manufactured 400 of them. At present, they are transacted for amounts surpassing $1 million.

Alonso is certainly not the only Formula 1 driver to be fortunate enough to own an Enzo. Ferrari even built a bespoke version of it for Michael Schumacher as a present. This special car was equipped with various amenities such as powered windows, a Bose sound system, Rosso Scuderia brake calipers and the Schumi logo embroidered on the door sills and seats. Some touches included the signature of the renowned racer along with that of his then boss – Luca di Montezemolo – on its hood.

The upcoming L’AstaRossa auction is sure to be a collector’s dream, with 42 Ferraris up for sale. Among the lots is the truly unique 365 GTC/4 “Beach Car” by Michelotti, which features an interior upholstered in denim and no top or doors. Also up for grabs is a rare 250 GT with a body by Carrozzeria Boano. For those looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary, there’s also a 1988 328 GTS with a Koenig body kit.

At the time this narrative was conveyed, Alonso had secured third place in the standings of 2023 season racers with 93 points. Admittedly, he trailed Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Source: Monaco Car Auctions

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