Ferrari Showcases XX Models in One Place

2023 SF90 XX Stradale: The Evolution from FXX to Road-Legal

Ferrari models are known for their exclusivity, with various tiers available to buyers. Purchasing a new limited-edition vehicle from a dealership is not as simple as walking in and placing an order. Instead, one must first gain approval from the prestigious Italian brand before being able to secure a spot in line for these high-priced, rare cars. To be considered eligible for purchase, a prospective client must already own specific Ferrari models and receive an invitation to add yet another coveted Prancing Horse to their collection.

Top Gear magazine was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explore the most elusive Ferraris of them all – the XX models. The project first began in 2005 with the FXX, a track-focused version of the Enzo. Three years later, the Evoluzione variant was introduced, followed by the front-engined 599X a couple of years after. The pinnacle came in 2014 with the launch of the FXX-K, an ultra-hardcore version of the LaFerrari. In 2017, even the FXX-K received the Evoluzione treatment.

SF90 XX, FXX-K, FXX, 599XX: Explore Ferrari's XX Secret Stash

Ferrari has a limited production of only 116 cars and now they are planning to expand their XX program. The SF90 XX Stradale will have a much larger production of 1,398 units, with 799 being coupes and 599 being spiders. What’s even more surprising is that these cars will not be exclusively for the track. As the name “Stradale” suggests, owners can also drive them on public roads. Although these road-legal cars cannot participate in exclusive XX events, all of them have already been sold.

The XX vehicles coexisted with the prestigious 499P, a previous winner at Le Mans, that Ferrari has now transformed into the exclusive 499P Modificata for affluent buyers. This modified version of the endurance racer is not bound by FIA regulations and therefore, allows for greater freedom in its design. It boasts the smallest engine among all its peers, as the others are equipped with either a naturally aspirated V12 or a twin-turbo V8.

The latest track vehicle is equipped with a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 engine, which is also utilized in the 296 GT3 model. This hybrid powertrain boasts a remarkable 858 horsepower when the “push to pass” feature is activated. However, without this function, the standard combined output remains at 697 horsepower. The added burst of energy can only be utilized for a brief seven seconds and can be engaged at any speed. In contrast, the electric motor located at the front of the race car does not engage until the vehicle reaches a speed of 118 mph (190 km/h).

At a steep price of €5.1 million ($5.6M), the 499P Modificata stands as the most costly among its counterparts in the market, courtesy of Ferrari. This high-end, track-exclusive model is part of the Sport Prototipi Clienti program offered by the prestigious Corse Clienti division, exclusive to owners of XX and Formula 1 cars. In 2024, proud owners of the 499P Modificata will have the opportunity to showcase their vehicles at Mugello (Italy), Sonoma and Laguna Seca (United States), Balaton (Hungary), Suzuka (Japan), Le Castellet (France), and the Nürburgring (Germany).

Source: Top Gear / YouTube

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