Ferrari SF90: 1,016 HP Debuts in Stradale and Spider

Limited Edition: 799 SF90 & 599 Spider Ferraris

Ferrari’s XX range of models have traditionally been created solely for racing; however, the manufacturer has broken from convention with their latest unveiling: the SF90 XX Stradale and its convertible counterpart, the SF90 XX Spider. Now, fans can experience these turbocharged machines on public streets, though each model is a particularly exclusive one – with just 799 hardtops and 599 droptops available.

Incorporating two electric motors on the front axle in addition to the single motor that sits between the powertrain and transmission, the latest versions of the SF90 Stradale equip a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine capable of producing an upgraded 1,016 horsepower, as opposed to the previous output of 986 hp .

On its own, the V8 of the SF90 XX Stradale produces 786 horses (586 kW), as opposed to its predecessor with a total of 769 horsepower (573 kW). It boasts novel pistons, special machining of its combustion chamber along with shining intake and exhaust pipes. Furthermore, the engine’s intakes are nearer to the cabin bulkhead for more of the motor’s reverberations be heard within the cabins. The engineers also discarded the secondary air system that saved 3.5 kilograms (7.72 pounds) in weight.

Electric motors acquire a power raise, now totaling in 229 hp (171 kW) compared to the previous model’s 217 horse power (162 kW). The battery capacity remains at 7.9 kilowatt-hours. When making use of solely electric energy, the scope is still 15.53 miles (25 km), with the maximum speed in EV form unaltered – reaching up to 84 mph (135 kph).

There’s a new supplemental power boost feature from the electric motors when the SF90 XX is in Qualifying driving mode. This system provides extra power when exiting a corner, making Ferrari assert that it shortens lap times around the Fiorano course by 0.25 seconds. The battery has sufficient energy to afford up to 30 of these energetic boosts.

The transmission is still the same 8-speed dual-clutch set-up, but now with upgraded programming. It also creates a sound when shifting gears reminiscent of what you’d hear if you were to blip the throttle at higher RPMs.

The two versions attain 62 mph in just 2.3 seconds, and their topmost velocity is 199 mph.

The SF90 XX Stradale has increased its braking prowess with the incorporation of reworked front calipers that boast enhanced cooling. The rotors at the back have been extended to 390 millimeters rather than the preceding 360 mm. A new ABS EVO controller, collaborating with the 6W-CDS detector, grants an approximation of the speed of the car which is then used to accurately calculate the appropriate braking distribution.

Ferrari has spruced up the SF90 XX Stradale, making it appear much more fierce than its typical guise (as evidenced in the picture). Utilizing a larger front splitter, the air flow is guided beneath the vehicle, being channelled towards its renovated underside. The manufacturer reports that compared to the ordinary version, it produces an impressive 45 kilograms (99 lbs) of downforce at 250 kilometres per hour (155 mph).

Ferrari adds some more advanced aerodynamics to the SF90 XX as opposed to the existing vehicle, which offers a wide vent in the hood. On the nose, a set of air ducts have been plonked on either side while two additional ones can be found near the middle. The two front fenders are each decorated with three gills.

The aft part of the vehicle is given an equal amount of consideration. On top of the motor cover, located just behind the roof, are two inlets. Furthermore, alterations have been made to the grilles in the wings and directly behind them are three air vents.

In conclusion, Ferrari has created a vehicle with a standout feature – an integrated, fixed rear wing; the first road-approved model since the notorious F50. This valuable addition provides 1,168 lbs. (530 kilograms) of downforce at 155 mph.

Interior revisions are fairly minor. The SF90 XX sports a dashboard made of Alcantara and is embellished with plenty of carbon-fiber accents. Additionally, the gearshift is farther to the front. Similarly, the seats appear to be constructed as a single piece but have been enhanced with an elastic trim which affixes the upper and lower parts, allowing for adjusting the backrest.

The SF90 XX Spider is substantially analogous to the SF90 XX Stradale, with the exception of its roof which can be opened in 14 seconds. Changes made for the convertible have resulted in certain vents on the rear hood of the coupe being eliminated.

Source: Ferrari

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